What to Know About Moving to Floral Park, NY

Are you thinking of moving to New York State? There are many options to choose from when thinking of moving here. You can opt for the bright lights and big city lifestyle of the Big Apple, but the drawback to this choice is the high cost of living in the city. More and more residents of New York are seeking refuge in smaller cities and among the most popular is Floral Park, NY. There is a lot to love in this little hamlet, and if you are intent on moving to New York, here are some things about Floral Park you will truly enjoy.

Amazing Architecture

New York is among the oldest states in the nation and certain areas have maintained their love for architecture throughout the ages. Floral Park, NY is a place that embraces the old and brings it into the new age. An example of this can be found in the spectacular architecture throughout the city. Floral Park, NY is home to amazing cathedrals such as the Cathedral of Incarnation and St. Monica’s Church. Both are historical architectural landmarks you should not miss.

Plenty of Parks to Enjoy

New York is known for having some impressive parks and where you will not find Central Park in this part of the state, you can enjoy plenty of outdoor space in parks throughout Floral Park, NY. Among the most popular parks in this city is known as Liberty Park. Bring your special furry friend along with you to explore the endless pathways of Liberty Park in Floral Park, NY, but remember to bring your camera along as well. This park features a stunning view of Lady Liberty herself. Other parks to enjoy are Springfield Park and Queensbridge Park. No matter which you choose, you will love the weather and greenspace in this remarkable city.

This Historic District

History is everywhere in Floral Park, NY and for those who want to embrace history at its finest, Roslyn Village Historic District is the place to go. This small area of Floral Park, NY is full of character and amazing shopping opportunities. Since 1987, Roslyn Village has been a part of the National Registry of Historic Places and it is no wonder, this remarkable part of the city features unique Greek Revival architecture and you will get lost in its endless pathways and historic features.

Rich Military History

We have a rich history of the military in our country and certain areas have held on to that history. Floral Park, NY embraces its rich military history with the preserving of Fort Totten. Even though the fort is currently not in operation defending our nation, it did so for many years after it was built in 1862. In fact, Fort Totten was in operation and used by the United States Army from 1862 up until 1974, so it maintains certain modern aspects that make it an excellent place to explore while handing on to its rich military history.

Storage Units Are Essential

Floral Park, NY may be among the less expensive places to live in New York State, but make no mistake about it, space still comes at a premium. When renting an apartment or home here, you may find available storage space is difficult to find. Although it can be impossible at times to expand home space by adding on a room, those living in Floral Park, NY do have a friend they can call on for additional storage space help. Storage units in Floral Park, NY are essential for those moving in as well as long-term residents of the city. Storage units offer the best place to securely store your valuables, seasonal items, and more without cramming everything into your hall closet. Free up space and declutter your Floral Park, NY home with a storage unit today.

Get Down on the Farm

Certain places in New York are devoid of farmland, but Floral Park, NY is not one of them. Homegrown farms such as Green Meadows Farm offer the chance for residents to get up close and personal with their products and buy locally. Green Meadows Farm is a large-scale, commercial grade farm that maintains a small family-owned farm feeling. Throughout the year, the farm hosts a variety of family-friendly events, so check their calendar often to find something to do on weekends in Floral Park, NY.

Get Pampered

Some of the best spas in the world are located in some of the smallest areas. Floral Park, NY is home to Body Works Day Spa. This spa has been in operation since 2004 and has helped countless residents of Floral Park, NY enjoy their day and get the pampered treatment they so richly deserve. Whether you rea seeking deluxe facials, eyelash tinting, waxing or would like to enjoy a little reflexology, Body Works Day Spa is here for you. Other treatments include threading, massages, Microderm treatments, and a variety of other specialty treatments to enjoy and bring out the beauty that is within your skin.

Bars and Clubs

You do not have to venture into the big city to enjoy a night out at a club or bar. Floral Park has many venues to choose from depending on what you are looking for. The Fuzzys Wolfrose and the Pitzstop are among the most popular nighttime venues in the city. Dance the night away and enjoy a brew or two with a group of friends without paying those high-end prices at larger nighttime venues.

Floral Park, NY has a lot to offer from ample employment opportunities to endless outdoor spaces to explore. Moving here means you have some access to the bigger cities without the commitment of actually living in them. Enjoy a small-town feel with big-city personality in Floral Park, NY. No matter why you intend on moving to Floral Park, NY you will love your community and all the friends you are sure to make in this beautiful part of the country.

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