What the World is searching for this week?

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By Admin Desk

In the wake of the Coronavirus, people all over the world are confined in their homes because of the lockdown, and they are looking for something new to spend their time on.

Due to the lockdown the use of social media has increased significantly. People are asking for help from Google to spend their day. Recently Search Engine Google last week released a glimpse of what people from all over the world search for.

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In last week most searched topics on Google from all over the world was, clap with care & clap for workers. On the other hand, ‘Home Science Experiments for Kids’ is the most searched by parents and children on Google.

According to Google, people in Lockdown have done a lot of searching for sleeping routines as well, how to fix a sleeping routine? It is on the top of the list.

In addition, ‘Virtual Field Trips’ has been searched on Google by users from all over the world because of the lockdown that has closed all historical and tourist places around the world. After that many museums around the world are offering virtual tours to tourists.

The keyword learning how to “TikTok dance” is one of the highest searches in the USA.