What is the cost of bluefin tuna?

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By Kaleem Ullah


Do you want to know the cost of bluefin tuna fish? Are you wondering that why its price fluctuate? Well, the bluefin is staggeringly expensive then it expected. There are many reasons behind so in this article we will discuss the cost and the reasons why it is expensive.

The price can ranges in dollar so, it’s important to know that how where you should buy and where it caught. Sometimes the product itself not cost you a lot of money but there availability and their efforts to find made it expensive. Bluefin tuna meat comes from Japan that could be the reason for its high price and then it’s difficult to catch the fish’s, not this but the fishers also want money that will also depend upon your cost.

Bluefin tuna is also known for its taste and the aroma that attract many people. Besides from its high cost, peoples still love to buy and eat. It means that bluefin tuna itself can be a major reason for its price.

Bluefin can be valued around $200 per pound because it is reported that bluefin tuna comes from Japan and a giant bluefin about 600 pound can be found in $3 million. No matter the price because people will still buy this bluefin.  Somehow this fish become rare and it has many reasons so let’s discuss them below.

Why should you eat or not?

Bluefin has been reported as the major target for the fisherman because of the mess over fishing the fish started a decline in numbers. Many fishermen started this job and becoming commercial stable but disadvantages is that this fish is becoming rare.

The more people will buy them more you have to catch this fish from the Atlantic Ocean so many reporters sketch this information and started Awareness to stop catching this fish. Because if you want stop then in a few decades this fish would be critically become endangered species. It means that this fish is hard to find and no one have to eat after that so fisherman has to stop the fishing of bluefin tuna.

This would be the major reason for this tagging price of this fish. These the level of wild bluefin tuna is drastically depleting so the price would increase by the time.  The price of the tuna has been decreasing from the 96 percent. It is high percentage that would make any species go extinct level.  But in the Japan it is always available and fishers are still serving this fish in the main course.

In Japan, the most common way to eat this fish is the platters and the sushi. That’s why the Japan is now known for it epicenter consumption. Although the Japan is globally known to eat the seafood and this tuna fish is the major choice and count in the highly priced products.

Final thoughts

I hope that after reading this article you will learn about the reasons and the cost. the bluefin tuna is expensive and have basic reasons of being expensive.