What is a Moving Company and How Does It Differ from a Furniture Removalist?

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The prospect of relocating to a new home can be thrilling, but the actual moving process can seem overwhelming. A major choice you will have to make is whether to engage the services of a moving company or a furniture removalist. Know that furniture removals and movers Adelaide offer different services, and understanding their differences can help you make an informed decision. In this blog post, we will discuss what a mover and a furniture removalist are, who you should hire, and the advantages of hiring both.

What is a Mover?

A moving company is a type of business that assists individuals in relocating their possessions from one location to another. They provide several services, such as packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking. Depending on your needs, they can move your entire household, office, or a few items.

Movers can also provide storage services if you need to store your belongings for a certain period before moving to your new location. This makes sense because some people need time to get their new home or office ready before they can move in. A storage place serves as a temporary home for your possessions.

Movers typically have a team of professionals trained to handle different items, from fragile objects to heavy furniture. They also have the equipment and tools to make the moving process smoother and safer. Movers can provide you with boxes, tape, and other packing materials to ensure your belongings are properly secured during transit.

What is a Furniture Removalist?

A furniture removalist, on the other hand, specializes in moving furniture. They offer services like those of a mover but focus on furniture transportation. Removalists can move a single piece of furniture, such as a piano or a couch, or an entire household of furniture.

Did you know that removalists can also disassemble furniture before transport and reassemble them when they arrive at their new location? This is a great benefit for those who don’t have the time or tools to do this type of work. They’re the solution for people who wish to skip the hassle of the entire moving process, specifically handling large furniture. So, if you’re not ditching your old furniture and taking them with you, a furniture removalist is the way to go.

Removalists also have a team of professionals who are trained to handle different types of furniture. They have the necessary equipment and tools to disassemble and reassemble furniture. Removalists can also provide packing materials, but their services are usually more focused on furniture transportation than packing and unpacking.

Who Should You Hire?

Consider your specific requirements to determine whether you should hire a mover or a furniture removalist. If you’re moving all your household items, including furniture, appliances, and personal belongings, then a moving company would be a more suitable choice. Moving companies provide various services to ease the stress of your move. These services include packing and unpacking, transportation, and storage solutions. As such, they can take on the entire process of relocating a large household while ensuring everything arrives safely at its new destination.

Hiring a furniture removalist is better if you only need to move a few pieces of furniture, like a piano or a couch. They are skilled in moving furniture and have the equipment and tools to move your belongings conveniently.

Advantages of Hiring Both

While movers and furniture removalists offer different services, there are advantages to hiring both. If you are moving your entire household, you may want to hire a moving company for the entire move and a furniture removalist to move your valuable furniture items. This can ensure that your furniture is handled carefully and arrives at your new location safely. But there’s no stopping you from hiring both.

Another advantage of hiring both is that you can save time and money. Hiring a moving company and a furniture removalist separately can be more expensive than hiring both from the same company. You can also save time by having one company handle all your moving needs, from packing and transportation to unpacking and setting up furniture in your new home.


Choosing between furniture removals and movers Adelaide depends on your specific needs. Movers offer a range of services that can make your move less stressful, while removalists specialize in the transportation of furniture. Hiring both can have advantages, such as saving time and money and ensuring your furniture is handled carefully. Whatever your choice, hire a reputable, licensed, and insured company.