What are the Reasons Linux Shared Hosting is So Cheap?

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By Kaleem Ullah

Most online businesses aspire to succeed, but they fail to do so because of high market competition. This could also happen as a result of your website’s lack of usability or slow response time. Therefore, you’ll need trustworthy web hosting if you want to launch a company website on the internet. Before selecting the ideal web hosting package, your business must follow a set of requirements. Given that you are not yet ready for a dedicated server, shared hosting is the best option.

It can get difficult for you to choose since there are so many hosting solutions and service providers available online. However, Linux Shared hosting is the best strategy when it comes to building your site or any other platform with affordable web hosting. Considering the selection of an operating system is a decision that must get carefully made when you’re setting up a server. The best solution, in our opinion, is the Linux open-source platform. Don’t worry; we’ll outline the main reasons for using a low-cost Linux shared server in this post.

What is Shared Hosting?

Multiple clients can access and use the same set of resources at the same time on a shared hosting server. Due to its low costs, this web hosting is the most frequently used choice. It functions on a bigger physical server offered by a service provider. You can only utilize a pre-determined set of resources available when you pick a shared hosting package. If you’re starting a small business website that doesn’t anticipate a lot of traffic at first, Cheap Linux Shared hosting is the best choice for you.

While web hosting companies like Hostbillo offer all the essential high-quality services with a Linux Shared hosting setup. It is the most economical hosting option for your demands. There are many benefits of using a Linux Shared hosting for your business website and a reliable service provider will offer its best features. We are aware that choosing a web hosting service requires serious consideration. Therefore, spend a few minutes reading about its benefits in the following segments.

7 Key Factors That Impact Best Linux Shared Hosting Price

Many web hosting companies offer Linux Shared hosting at affordable prices. However, the limited resources and assistance provided for this kind of hosting highlight its low cost. But several factors affect the cost of shared hosting. These factors are mentioned here because they affect how much this service will cost.. You can choose the right shared hosting service and the appropriate plan by considering these elements.

Bandwidth distribution

When a user requests information from your website, the maximum amount of data transfer permitted from the data center to that user get known as bandwidth allocation. The amount of bandwidth allocated determines how much data can get transferred in a particular amount of time. It gets expressed in Mbps or Gbps. Most Linux Shared hosting plans include monthly packages, so a provider can supply a specific amount of bandwidth each month. Most of the time, authorized capacity—not speed—determines the rate of data transfer. As a result, the supplying capability of the data volume at any given time will be stronger with a larger assigned bandwidth size.

SSD Storage Capacity

Storage is the dedicated space where your website’s files will get maintained. Given the SSD storage’s capacity to enable faster information access, the majority of Linux Shared web hosting companies have adopted it. Further, it helps speed up the loading of your website. Although some hosting companies could offer unlimited space, the majority of them allot a specific amount of SSD storage capacity. The price of a plan commonly brings attention to how much storage gets used in a web hosting package.

CPU Strength

The mind of the web hosting servers is essentially its central processor unit. It facilitates processing tasks given and responding to information requests. A CPU with a unique set of cores can get placed on a Linux shared server. By assessing the number of CPU cores your website requires, you could estimate the price of a hosting services package. Multiple Cpu cores are typically assigned to different Linux Shared hosting packages. When choosing a plan, we suggest you carefully read all the important information provided.


When your website is running, temporary data gets stored and accessed through random access memory (RAM). It supports the simple control of various operations at once. Additional RAM space will get required as more processes run at the same time. However, when the server restarts, all temporary data that got kept in RAM gets lost. Based on the type of package you select, a Linux Shared hosting server will authorize a different number of Mb of RAM.

Your Website Visits

The price of a web hosting package can get affected by this key component as well; essentially the website traffic gets distributed equally on different hosting servers. Your Linux Shared hosting service providers will offer you a set of predetermined limits for website visitors when you choose a hosting plan. The number of original website visitors allotted to your website on the server will depend on the package you choose to purchase.


It offers a number of features. For instance, it facilitates maintaining website files and visitor data that are essential for the overall effectiveness of your website. While the majority of Linux Shared hosting companies include unlimited MySQL databases in their packages, some providers can add limited databases as they want. To choose the best course of action for you, it is advisable to inquire in advance with your preferred service provider.

Solutions for backups

Backing up your website’s content and sensitive client data is a routine preventative measure. If your server fails to operate and you lost all of your vital data, it could seriously harm your company.  Shared Linux hosting servers could assign various backup strategies to the plan you’ve selected as a safety precaution. If your server crashes or goes down, the backup service can assist you to recover your website’s data.

Why Do Other Web Hosting Services Cost More Than Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting plans generally have limited resources, which negatively affects the speed and performance of your website. You will have to pay more money if you want additional functionality on your shared server such as

  • The price of the service may increase if you add premium SSL certificates to your hosting package. In comparison to a standard SSL certificate, a premium SSL certificate is more advanced. The online transactions on the website get encrypted using them. When it comes to SSL services, certain service providers, like Hostbillo, supply them without charge.
  • The price of your shared hosting plan could increase if you also register a domain name. Service providers can assist you in obtaining a domain name for your new website by offering you their domain registration service.
  • The cost of your Linux shared hosting plan will potentially increase due to WHOIS Protection. To help you defend your information, the domain WHOIS security becomes necessary.
  • Your hosting plan will cost more if you choose a dedicated IP address. Your IP address will get shared by other users on a shared server. Getting a dedicated IP address is often important to improve the security of your website. However, using this option will increase your overall cost.

Which Company Provides The Cheapest Web Hosting Service?

You will lose out on a huge amount of fantastic benefits when you select a Linux hosting package that does not offer amazing support and uptime. In short, a Linux shared hosting server can provide several advantages for your regular tasks if only you get it from a reliable service provider. By partnering with a reputable hosting provider like Hostbillo, you can now benefit from the various benefits that a shared server has to offer. For your interest in hosting, it offers complete professional support 24/7 at a low rate.

If you need affordable shared hosting, Hostbillo is the best option. When you choose Hostbillo you will greatest support and resources. Considering Linux satisfies every requirement for the most dependable and effective hosting, Hostbillo adopts it for shared hosting. At Hostbilo now, you can select a number of the most economical hosting plans for your website..


Make sure the hosting company you choose delivers sufficient services and resources. It needs to match the cost of your chosen shared hosting package. By selecting a plan that offers regular technical support, you could benefit from all of Linux’s advantages. Hostbillo Hosting Solutions is the best choice for shared hosting on a Linux server. They regularly keep an eye on the servers and provide extensive technical support 24/7. You can be certain that you’ll get the best service and features by selecting one of their offered shared hosting plans. They are aware of your requirements, hence they offer the best plans in terms of performance and dependability. Visit Hostbillo to discover more information today.