What are the questions asked in PMP exam?

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By John Wick

People are always struggling for securing their futures and become more financially stable. A PMP exam is the most valued and rewarding certification that candidates can give. These are the most rewarding certifications for project managing professionals. Candidates have to go through the exams and processes to get this certification. Moreover, they have to pass an exam to qualify for PMP certification. You can read the full info here.

The PMP exam is conducted to test a person’s knowledge of leadership skills, management, mathematical, logical, and analytical skills. The PMP exam is an MCQs based question. A candidate has to answer 180 Multiple Choice Questions. This is a four hours exam.

There are different types of questions involved in this exam. It would be best if the candidates prepared from different sources to prepare well for the exam. It is quite challenging for them to pass the question. However, if they understand the exam and key points, they are more likely to get a PMP certification.

Candidates can apply online and offline for PMP certification. Moreover, they can choose a preferred mode of examination. Depending on their convenience and choice, they can take the exam offline or online.

Types of questions asked in a PMP exam.

Candidates are always looking for the types of questions that appear in a PMP exam. There are six different types of questions part of a PMP exam. These types include

  • Questions on social responsibility and professional responsibilityInterpretational questions
  • Formula-based questions
  • Situation-based questions
  • Definition-based questions
  • ITTO-based questions

These six types of questions are involved in a PMP exam. You will see these types of questions in exams. It is good and important to have a complete understanding of the PMBOK Guide, project management concepts, and experience to deal with situations. This program is conducted to check the management qualities of a person. If a person has the best management qualities, knowledge, and skills, there are more chances for him to pass this exam.

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A candidate needs to understand all the PMP aspects in every circumstance. In this way, he is more likely to solve these questions. Moreover, the candidates have to follow the rules, follow ethics, display good moral behaviour, and not run away from their responsibilities.

It is good for the candidates to undergo some simulated tests before attempting the real exam. These simulated tests can give you an idea about the questions and environment. This is how you can check your progress. SPOTO is a good platform on which candidates can prepare for their exams.

Is the PMP exam quite challenging?

People have always asked whether it is difficult to pass the PMP exam. Employers look for PMP certifications in project management candidates. A person needs to meet certain requirements to pass the PMP exam. Candidates have to pass the rigorous certification exam to get this certification. Candidates can study and prepare for the exam from different sources. Internet, books, and past papers help them prepare for the PMP exam. As a person who have gone through all the sources, checked the past papers, and have enough critical thinking abilities, he no longer finds the PMP exam difficult.