What Are the Advantages of Disney Vacation Club?

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Many Americans are looking forward to travel and vacations again in 2021. After a year of lockdowns, time with family and friends is important. A recent survey reveals that as many as 65% of Americans plan to travel more in 2021 than before the pandemic.

Saving on vacation costs may be more important now than ever before for your family. If you are a Disney fan, investing in a Disney Vacation Club membership might be a great vacation option that you can enjoy for many years to come.

There are several outstanding perks for Disney Vacation Club members you might not be aware of. Keep reading to learn more!

What Is DVC?

A DVC (Disney Vacation Club) is a timeshare membership to Disney Resorts and various destinations and accommodations offered through Disney worldwide.

One of the perks of owning a DVC is flexibility. You are not limited to a specific time of year or accommodation. There are many membership options that offer vacation savings that can be tailored to your travel needs.

How Does a Disney Vacation Club Work?

A Disney Vacation Club membership works a little differently than other timeshares you may have researched or purchased.

When you buy a DVC, you buy points that can be used for your home resort or other Disney Resorts around the world. The difference between your home resort and other Disney accommodations is the scheduling window.

Booking a vacation with your chosen home resort allows for an 11-month window to book. You can use your points to book at other resorts, but you will only have a 7-month booking window.

Understanding DVC Points

So, how do points work?

You receive a yearly amount of points to be used for your vacation. Currently, the minimum amount of points you can purchase with a DVC membership purchased directly from Disney is 160 points.

The amount of points that you get per year depends on how many you initially purchased and the length of your vacation contract with Disney. The ending date of your contract will depend on the home resort you have chosen.

Flexibility in the use of your points is the greatest advantage of owning a DVC. A Disney Vacation Club membership allows for banking, borrowing, or even purchasing additional points.

For example, suppose that you purchased a contract of 200 points at your favorite resort. This means each year you will accumulate 200 points.

You can bank the 200 points and save for next year or you can borrow points from the next year for a more expensive vacation this year that you do not currently have enough points to cover the cost.

Different resorts (and the type of rooms at the Disney Vacation Club rentals) will have varying point values. This is the current points chart for 2021.

Should You Buy a DVC Direct or Resale?

Investing in a DVC membership is a decision that requires you to think about your specific travel patterns and cost commitment. There are options for saving on the Disney Vacation Club cost that are worth exploring.

Buying Directly from Disney Vacation Development, Inc.

Buying a Disney Vacation Club membership has advantages that are exclusive to members who bought their contract directly from Disney. These include:

  • Access to all Disney Vacation Resorts
  • Access to Disney Cruise Line
  • Themed trips through Adventures By Disney
  • Access to the Concierge Collection of Resorts
  • Exclusive discounts on park admission, dining, and shopping
  • Invitation to special events

If you plan to regularly visit Disney World each year and want the added benefits of travel packages, purchasing a DVC membership directly could be your best cost-saving option.

Advantages of Purchasing a Resale DVC

All of the benefits and options of a DVC can make your head spin. Seeing all of a theme park is not possible in a day. Imagine trying to take advantage of all that is offered in a direct purchase of your DVC membership.

If you’re not really into the cruise scene, is that an option you really want to spend money on? Unless you’re an avid collector, special discounts on shopping might be something you can do without.

Purchasing a resale of a DVC allows you to tailor your membership to the accommodations and attractions that are important to you. A resale deal can save you thousands of dollars and has its own perks:

  • Access to sold-out Home Resorts
  • Points cost much less
  • A wider selection of contracts
  • Able to the bank, borrow or rent out points

Right now, buying directly from Disney limits your choice of home resort to just a few new resorts. If there is a specific resort that you’ve been eyeing but have not been able to book, a resale is your only option.

For whatever reason, there are often highly sought-after resorts that are up for sale by DVC members. Sometimes, it’s a financial hardship, or the kids have grown up and needs have changed. Either way, it can be a steal for Disney fans that are looking for a great bargain.

A resale agent such as Bay Lake Tower DVC that specializes in Disney contracts will be able to find listings that meet your specific needs. Points tend to cost much less and you are still able to manage and accrue points as a full DVC member.

The Right Disney Vacation Club for You

Planning for travel and family vacations is going to be truly exciting this year. If a Disney Vacation Club membership has been on your bucket list, now may be the best time to make that magical dream a reality.

We hope you have found valuable information in this article to help you make the most of your DVC membership plans. Check out the travel section of our blog for more tips on getting the most out of your vacation and travel dollars.