What Are Some Of The Oscar Worthy Ghana Movie

Movies are a reflection of life. 

Movies make you laugh…

Movies make you cry…

Movies have the capacity to transport you into the ideal realm exactly when you need them.  Quality movies always have the didactic mode that brings in changes; influences thoughts and breaks taboos. They work as an eye-opener for you, for me, and for the larger society.

When it comes to African movies, Ghanian movies are right on the top. The movie industry in Ghana shaped them in the anvil of time, producing great actors, actresses, and millions of fans and admirers on the continent.

It would be really if you watch these movies, incase if you have not watched them before. Simply download them from The Pirate Bay for free. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best Ghanian movies that are Oscar-worthy. 

The Movies That Impact Me Greatly: Oscar Worthy

Oscar is a standard, a benchmark for quality movie production, mesmerizing screen presence, strong and bold dialogues, and unreal graphics. It is arguably the greatest recognition for films. Let’s discuss some of the great Ghanaian movies here.

1. I Told You So (1970)

The film is released in the year 1970. The director of the movie is Egbert Edjesu. The movie works as a great mirror that reflects the strange aspects of Ghanian culture. It is a love story between a young man and a young lady. They decided to marry. Father disliked the young man and prohibited her from marrying him. But by that time, they are all for love.  Finally, they decided to marry amidst all the obstacles. The storyline has nothing magical, but the movie was. 

2. A Sting In A Tale (2009)

The film is released in the year 2009. Directed by Shirley Frimpong Manso, the movie leads an individual to the plane of reality.  Two friends and graduates toiled hard for a year to get a job. Hard work and perseverance gave an answer. They failed. Driven by the frustration of life, they embarked on a journey to make it all by means. But their quest leads them to a world where it requires much more than what they had. That is the most brutal reality…no magic! (as one expected at the end). The movie was laureled for the Best Cinematography, Best Director, and Best Writing award. 

3. Kukurantumi-Road To Accra (1983)

Released in the year 1983 and directed by Kim Ampaw, the film is a milestone. This is such a high-quality movie it is reported to be the first Ghanian movie filmed on aired in many European countries. The movie is all about a journey that a guy embarked on from a rural Ghanian town of Kukurantumi to Accra’s capital city. 

4. Devil In The Detail (2014)

The 2014 movie is a perfect projection of how the devilish self completely ruins well-decked marriage life.

The movie shows how infidelity and devil incarnate possessed a happy couple. They had everything, money,, and other requirements. But they somehow could not help but immerse themselves in illegitimacy. 

The movie is a representation of a modern-day city, highly devoured by infidelity. The director gets all praise for the recreation of such real images, the dark images of man, that tell them they are yet to be civilized. 

5. I Sing Of A Well (2009)

This is also a perfect representation of a Ghanaian movie that tells the story of two lovers. 

They were all for love but were threatened by the arrogant prince Wenambe, that seeks a wife to ascend his throne. They finally marry to end the love story between Souaya and Dume. 

The later section of the movie is governed by war, where the prince had to make an alliance with Mansa Musa to protect his kingdom. The movie is filled with suspense and intrigue. Undoubtedly it emerged as a great success.

Apart from these five, some other movies imprinted its name into the hearts of the audience. Ties The Bind, A Northern Affair, and No Time To Die are notable ones.  


It could be understood that the films discussed above placed an an extremely high benchmark for not only other Ghanian movies but for all other movies made in different African countries.

Moreover, the films are so realistic that they compel the audience to come in close contact with rugged reality. That is the driving force behind making a movie. It must move the individual and the society. 

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