Ways To Embed Instagram Feed On Website & Its Benefits

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By John Wick

Instagram is the growing need of marketing and continuously increasing to generate more sales and revenue for businesses. Instagram has become the integral need of every business and marketers have to adopt every possible way that enables marketers to improve the visibility of the business. 

Saying that embedding Instagram Feed on a website is a recent trend in social media marketing which does not remain limited to social media channels, but expanding its reach on other digital marketing platforms. 

As websites are the online storefront of every business, attracting and grabbing the audience’s attention is the must strategy of every business. 

In this blog we will guide you to blend two strong marketing platforms, display Instagram Feed on the website, to make a powerful social media presence. 

So without wasting your time, let’s get started to learn how to embed Instagram Feed on the website and why should you do this?

3 Different Ways To Embed Instagram Feed On Your Website

Tagembed is famously known as the best social media aggregator tool to embed Instagram feeds on websites and marketing channels. It is a social aggregation platform where users can fetch social media content from multiple social media channels. And curate & embed them onto their website to increase audience engagement and brand visibility. 

Tagembed offers great features and functionalities to collect, curate, customize, and add Instagram feeds on the website in step-by-step. It has easy to integrate feature without the need for any expertise. 

You need to connect with your Instagram account and enter a feed with the hashtag, mentions, tags, handle, etc. to collect all the relevant Instagram posts related to your marketing needs. 

Once you collect Instagram Feeds, you will get access to customize your Instagram Feeds using themes, background style, colors, fonts, etc., to design Instagram Feeds that fit your website style. 

Tagembed is a responsive widget that automatically adjusts according to the screen size, so it will not degrade the quality and customer experience on your website. 

As there are lots of features, but another big one to not forget to mention is moderation. With a Moderation Panel, you can control the Instagram Feeds to display on your website by removing posts that are hampering the quality of content. 

Lastly, it will also automatically update Instagram Feeds on your website in real-time, meaning you don’t need to worry about updating your Instagram gallery widget on your website. 


Many brands and business website owners use Elfsight to design Instagram Widget for their website promotional and marketing needs. Elfsight offers a comprehensible and uncomplicated interface which makes anyone without technical knowledge can use the tool effortlessly and fetch amazing social media content to enhance their website pages. 

From content curation to customization to embedding on your website, you will get complete access to the software and design your Instagram website Widget according to your desire. 

Moreover, you will also be able to reach the Elfsight support team any hour and get instant help so that you can accomplish your marketing goals spontaneously. 

Official Instagram App

If you are looking to freely embed Instagram gallery feed on websites without any use of third-party tools, then the official Instagram App is for you. 

Through Instagram App you can collect the Instagram gallery feeds you want and embed them on your website by copying the Embed Code of the post. 

By clicking on the three dots on the top right corner of the post, select the Embed Code option and copy the source code. Then open your website backend and put the code where you want to display the Instagram Post. 

In a similar way, you can collect embed code one by one for different Instagram posts and insert them into your website. 

However, drawbacks of using Instagram App to embed feeds on your website are:

  • You cannot collect multiple posts at a time
  • You need to manually collect Instagram posts
  • It will not automatically update Instagram Posts in real-time
  • You cannot design them into themes or use styles to make them look more engaging or creative. 

Benefits Of Displaying Instagram Feed On Website

With more than 500 million daily active users from worldwide, Instagram is a craze among people. As people spend more time engaging with Instagram, businesses have huge opportunities to reach their target audience across the globe. 

Hence embedding Instagram Feeds on your website leverages enormous benefits to your marketing strategies. Some major is below:

  • Increase audience engagement
  • Enhance SEO ranking of your website
  • Lower Bounce Rate of your visitors 
  • Build Social Proof of your website
  • Develop Customer Trust and Loyalty
  • Boost Unique and Engaging content on your website


You might have invested a huge amount of money to build your website. However, if you are looking to generate more revenue and develop a strong relationship with your customer or audience, then you are required to create content that connects with your audience. 

Instagram Feeds help you to add humanized content on your website which seems more real and authentic to your audience. 

Using these different ways, you can easily create fascinating Instagram feeds on your website and increase traffic that pays you exponential profits.