Watch ‘Khooni Juice’ sold on Indian streets; viral video

You must have used unique ingredients and juices prepared in different ways to date. In the same way, you must have tasted different and uniquely named items. But if someone offered you “Khooni Juice” (bloody juice), how would you react?

The “Khooni Juice” discussed on social media is not made from the blood of any human or animal but from various vegetables and fruits. The juice is being sold on a wheelbarrow in a street in Faridabad, India, the video of which has gone viral after being shared on YouTube.

The video has been viewed by over 20 million users in just a few days.

The video shows the juice seller making the juice and it can be seen that the juice seller is using the juice of spinach, bitter gourd, amla, turmeric, carrot, beetroot, orange, black salt, and lemon as ingredients in the juice.

According to media reports, a large glass of “Khooni juice” costs Rs 50 while a small glass costs Rs 20.

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