Unique Ways to Craft with Wooden Pins

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By Eva Adm

Are you looking for a new craft project to keep your creativity in motion? Wooden pins offer great potential when it comes to crafting. With some simple tools and shapes, wooden pins can be transformed into decorative ornaments, toys, pieces of furniture, and more—if you have the imagination. In this post, we will explore some different ways to work with these versatile objects to bring out their hidden possibilities! 

Wooden pins can be used as simple hairpins

Hairpins have been used for centuries as a stylish way to keep hair held back and out of one’s face. While there are many different types of modern hairpins on the market, wooden pins stand out as an affordable and versatile option. Wooden hairpins can be carved in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any hairstyle, from small discs that help part your hair to elaborate petal designs that make a statement. Whether you prefer plain or fancy ones, wooden pins offer a unique look that never goes out of fashion. Besides being stylish, since they’re made from natural materials, wooden pins are incredibly durable and will last for many years. With the right care, these simple wooden pins can become cherished personal accessories with endless styling possibilities!

They can also be turned into magnets

Wooden pins are already a great way to add a unique flair to almost any outfit or accessory, but did you know they can also double as magnets? With the right tools and materials, wooden pins can be transformed into magnets that look just like the originals. Depending on your skill level and creativity, these new magnetic accessories can range from subtle keepsakes to full-blown works of art. Wooden pins turned into magnets offer an interesting way to express yourself in an unexpected, exciting way.

You can use them to make a simple pendant light

Wooden pins are a surprisingly versatile household object. They can serve as pins for creating lightweight decorations, drawing shapes on poster boards, and making hanging organizers. But they can also be used in more creative ways; they actually make excellent pendant lights! With a few minor additions to a simple string of wooden pins, you can create a stylish and elegant lighting solution that looks great in any room. Something as simple as the common wooden pin can quickly make average rooms look like something out of an interior design magazine – all with minimal effort!

They could be applied to embellish a photo frame.

Decorating a picture frame with wooden pins can give it an eye-catching appearance and make otherwise plain surfaces interesting. Whether you paint or stain the pins to match the color of your frame, or leave them natural for a more rustic style, wooden pins bring an earthy warmth that brightens up any area. For an extra creative touch, use different shapes and sizes of wooden pins to create patterns on the frame. Whatever your style, these little unsung heroes easily become the centerpiece in any room.

Stick them into a block of Styrofoam to make cute little decorations for your desk or home office

Wooden pins are an incredibly versatile crafting tool that can add a personal touch to any space. Whether you come up with an intricate beach scene or a simple geometric design, you can use them to spruce up your desk or home office. Simply stick your pins into a block of Styrofoam and arrange them in whatever way you desire! The bright colors will give the surrounding area a cheery vibe anytime you need a little pick-me-up, not to mention it’s very fun to create each piece as every design is unique. So get creative and make wooden pins the next creative addition to your living area.

And finally, they can be used as napkin rings

Wooden pins are often underrated due to their small size, but they are incredibly versatile and can be used for more than just pinning a shirt closed. Not only can you turn them into decorative elements when stringing together multiple pins in a row, but wooden pins can also be used as napkin rings. Painting or carving the pins with different designs and colors is an easy way to customize the look to match any dinner party theme, creating elegant place settings without spending a fortune. With wooden pins, it’s easy to show off your creativity while making sure that every guest has their own festive napkin holder for the meal!


Crafting with wooden pins is a wonderful skill to have for decorating projects, photo and art frames, holiday decorations, and more. Creating custom designs that can be used again and again with these unique pins is a great way to personalize your home or give gifts to family or friends. While there are many ways to craft with wood pins, the sky is the limit when it comes to your own creativity: Whether you use simple forms such as stars and hearts or get complex by creating detailed flowers and landscapes, this craft has something for everyone. In addition to being able to show off your crafts at school or work, you can also make extra income by selling them online. With patience, practice, and the right materials, you’ll find lots of joy in crafting with wooden pins.