Top Reasons to Choose Mortise Locks for Your Home’s Main Entrance

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Top Reasons for Choosing Mortise Locks for Your Home’s Main Entrance

One of the most important features of your home’s security is the front entrance lock you have chosen. It should have robust characteristics to protect your assets by deterring criminals. One such lock design that every household prefers these days is mortise locks.

What is a mortise lock?

It has a board-type design with several components installed inside. The prime framework is a mortise body with escutcheon-type plates used to fix the lock on the door surfaces. The motive of this design is to provide minimal access to the miscreants to pick it and break-in. The reputed mortise locks suppliers always maintain a solid design by introducing different innovations in the industry to make the locks more robust and hard to pick.

What are the benefits of using a mortise lock?

All the Euro Profile Cylinder Lock manufacturers suggest using a mortise lock for your home’s front entrance. The prime reason is that cylindrical locks originated after mortise locks. Hence, it is an old concept with a newer version to try. The other benefits you can add to your home’s security are mentioned below.

Deterring intruders

As per the mortise locks suppliers, these locks are extremely crime deterrent. An intruder will feel reluctant to break in a house protected by a mortise lock. It is not easy to pick this lock design as it does not allow access to any kind of device other than a key. The configurations of notches and levers make it quite impossible to override and open a door. In the most primitive designs, there are at least 5 cylinders. The contemporary designs have emerged as better options for locking the main entrance of a house.

Comes in various shapes and designs

Mortise locks can be found in different designs and shapes. It means you will find a suitable design as per your needs easily from the reputed manufacturers. All you need to do is to measure and get the dimensions properly so that you can find what you want from a collection.

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Dual locking system

This lock can be used to lock from inside and outside your home. The access through the keyhole is designed in such a way that it can be used for internal and external locking purposes.

Pleasing designs

If you are looking for a vintage locking system then the Euro Profile Cylinder Lock manufacturers will tell you to go for the antique charm of mortise locks. These locks deliver the best vintage effect on the heavy door designs you have chosen for your home. In fact, it is not possible other than a professional locksmith to install such locks too. Hence, your choice will not only be aesthetically pleasing but also an exclusive feature in your house’s safety features.


Consider these points when you want to choose a locking system for the main entrance of your home. In a nutshell, a mortise lock will be the ideal choice for your home’s security and door décor.