Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

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By John Wick

Be online! This is the first step you need to take today if you want to have successful marketing. Without the online world, your effects and visibility will be difficult to achieve. Simply put, the online world offers you everything, and if you are not present, many doors close.

Digital marketing is taking precedence today, so much so that there are special sectors in the companies that deal with it, its development is practically constant. If you are not online, you do not exist.

For any business today, it is hard to imagine that you do not have a site and pages on social networks, creating mailing lists, video ads, etc …

Why is digital marketing necessary?

-Because you increase the visibility of your brand

-You can influence the image that customers create about your brand

-You can research and collect data that shows the needs and behavior of your clients

-Based on this data, you can create your campaigns and improve your customer experience

-You have the opportunity to cover the whole world and target groups with your campaign, wherever they are

-And what may be most important to you is that you don’t need large teams of experts  numerous online platforms, many of which are free or affordable, will work for you

These are just some of the reasons why you should develop digital marketing or be sure to start it if you haven’t already.

Experts point out that some of the most common challenges in digital marketing in 2022 are: Maximizing performance across channels, ability to change/adapt to circumstances as they arise, delivering exceptional customer experiences, aligning marketing and sales efforts, segmenting and targeting audiences, ability to scale programs, content, personalization, proving marketing attribution and ROI …

The challenges are also constant, as is the speed with which digital marketing is advancing, but all of this can be prevented. The good thing about digital marketing is that you can quickly see what is not working and where you should change your approach.

We recommend the top digital marketing trends in 2022:

1. Upgrading video as an indispensable marketing tool

Video is a must-have for every digital marketer today. Its effects can be much greater than any other content. Video is used so much in digital marketing that there is already a whole strategy just for creating videos and campaigns that can be based on it, for example, you can use video marketing in your HVAC business also. Video is the content that gives you the most open opportunities to be creative and respond to the needs of your clients interestingly. The video involves special strategies, first to whom you address, what you want your message to be, on which channels, what format it will be … etc … A mitigating circumstance is numerous video creation platforms, many of which are free. Trends that apply when it comes to video in 2022 are to make videos that can be watched without tone, with subtitles, then to adapt them to your communication channels where you distribute them, choose an approach to the topic – people like the most realistic picture behind the scene or know-how examples … Video contributes to the SEO optimization of your site, and what is also a very important feature is automation, which brings us to the next step.

2. Rely more on process automation

Not all businesses have the resources as large companies, but they can make up for it. Online platforms and automation are key. Automation is a big word in today’s marketing, because not only does it save you time, but it also saves you money, and in that case, there is no need to hire experts for every marketing segment. For example, for videos, platforms like Plainly allow you to create thousands of videos in just a few clicks, using a specific template and data from your database, which you can then automatically upload to all your channels. The good thing about automation is that in just a few clicks you can leave everything to the platforms and deal with more important things. You can also automate your campaigns through emails and make messages or videos personalized for each person on your mailing list. And that doesn’t mean you create 300 different videos and take the time to send 300 emails. All this can be done through automation and one click.

3. Increase traffic to your site and work on SEO optimization

Be the first to search. SEO optimization is very important just to get you first in the search. That contributes to the image of your relevance and credibility, based on which you build a relationship of trust with customers. To achieve this, you must be active on the site, the site must be user-friendly and interactive, or have a call to action, to activate your customers to increase your traffic on the site. SEO optimization is also contributed by the video posted on the site, but also surveys, various forms, the possibility of buying, subscribing to the newsletter … It is important to think about the strategy on the site so that you guide your clients as you want from click to click.

4. Involve influencers and your satisfied customers in your marketing strategy

Influencers have taken a serious turn in recent years, and more and more of them are hired by various companies, projects, and events to promote their activities. Influencers, if you choose them carefully about the values ​​you promote, can contribute a lot to your promotion, of course, if they have great visibility. Influencers have roughly become a special part of digital marketing, which should be included. Through videos, blogs, vlogs, texts, and content that you will create yourself, it is up to you and them to agree. Another group is satisfied customers, who can also be ideal people for promotion, and whom your future clients trust. Video testimonials are great for this, let’s say a satisfied customer presents their positive experience with your product or service.

5. Collect data, but take care of how

Data collection can also be an automated process, with the help of platforms like Google Analytics, which can be extremely valuable, because based on this data you can create your further campaigns. How much time do clients spend on your site, what do they most often click on, and how did they get to your site … Also for the video – how many views / likes there are, but also who watched the video to the end, at what time the most, how they reacted to the video, did you hit your target group, what was the “consequence” of watching the video, for example, did they immediately go to your site, look for more information, contact you, etc … Another type of collected data are certain forms and surveys and direct contact with clients for the data you need. Important thing! Take care of the purpose for which you use the data, even though many companies are taking risks, data protection is getting bigger and bigger and you have to be very careful that your customers know transparently for what purpose you are using the data. Great marketing can fall into the water due to one negative customer experience and data misuse.