Top 4 Career Opportunities for a CSPO Certified Professional

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By Kaleem Ullah

One of the most popular courses provided by the Scrum Alliance – a non-profit organization is a Scrum and Agile certification. The Alliance aims at helping in the adoption of Scrum and transforming the culture via proper guidance and inspiring leaders, individuals, and organizations with the right practices, values, and principles to create better and smoother workflows.

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The three fundamental principles of the Alliance include –

Inspire – The Alliance helps leaders, organizations, and other people feel inspired during their transformation journey into the Agile world. This is done via the incorporation of success stories, training methods, and newer techniques.

Enable – By developing the various methods of learning including communities, webinars, and user groups, organizations can develop better support systems with the help of coaches, practitioners and training modules.

Guide – The Scrum Alliance offers the right form of guidance to aid the careers of the practitioners and provide them with the right certifications at different levels. These include the Agile principles, practices, values, and necessary support in switching.

The career opportunities with the CSPO course

A CSPO or a Certified Scrum Product Owner certification allows you to understand and handle the business aspects of a project properly. These include ROIs, Earned Value, Backlog Calculations, and Velocity, among others. With a CSPO, you can create the vision for a product, give the customers what they need, and, importantly, prioritize the product backlog.

There are no prerequisites involved in attending the CSPO certification training. To earn the certificate, you will need to participate in 2-days of practice by a CST or Certified Scrum Trainer (CST).

CSPO career opportunities –

A CSPO is responsible for setting up the financial aspect of a project implementation involving Scrum. Some of the job opportunities with CSPO include:

  • Project Management

Project Management is one of the primary uses for a person taking up the CSPO course. With the course, you will be able not just to understand every step of the project, and you can also take ownership with regard to the business handling and delegation of the same. The CSPO teaches you all about project management with regard to working with a team, and the various aspects of the course prepare you for any challenges that arise with a CSPO course.

A CSPO course also allows you to advance any of the techniques you learn with a traditional CSM role. The Manager course teaches you the principles of managing a project, but the CSPO helps you clean up any of the roadblocks you face and helps you take the game to another level.

  • Business Analyst

One of the most important arms of any company is the Business Analyst role. It helps them bring the necessary revenue while cutting risks and involving the right methods to increase the clients bought onboard. With the CSPO, you can transition from a traditional analyst role into a proper business analyst role, as you get the added benefit of managing Profit and Loss accounts as well.

The Business Analyst can play a crucial role in keeping companies afloat and also chalking out the right methods to go about a project. The CSPO qualification exposes individuals to this exciting role and aids them in providing further value to their companies.

  • Developers

Online software developers can also take their skill to another level with the help of the CSPO certification. With the course, they will understand the business aspect of projects and utilize the learnings to develop code that works in favor of the same. Also, it expands their career possibilities and could also aid in getting leadership roles in the tech industry. CSPO is an excellent course for developers because it also gives them the necessary qualification to become a business analyst in addition to coding. They will understand the feasibility of projects and use the same to help write algorithms and structures to their work.

  • Scrum Trainer

The advantage of completing a CSPO course helps you in also becoming a certified trainer who can teach other budding Product Owners. The course covers all of the aspects of Product Ownership within its 16 hours of training, and with it, you can transition into a teaching role as well. Certified Scrum Trainers are in demand owing to the popularity of the course, and you could begin it as a side business to give you the revenue you’re looking to generate in addition to your other work as well.

Thus, the scope for a CSPO is massive. Once you make the right call with regards to your career, you will be able to generate the salary you desire and propel your career further as well.