TOP 10 Day Trading Strategies for Beginners

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By John Wick

Selling and purchasing a financial instrument in a single day is known as day trading. If done right, it may become a very profitable profession. For novices, though, it may be a dangerous professional choice, particularly if they don’t employ the proper tactic.

Thus, make a plan before engaging in day trading. Here’s where we can assist you. We have covered the best 10-day trading strategies for novices in this post.

1. Create a list of the stocks that you wish to trade

Find all about the top businesses. Make sure you are well-informed on the broader markets and the stocks of the company you have chosen.

2. Keep funds for trading

Making an investment decision for day trading is the next stage. Most traders desire to take minimal financial risks. According to states, the majority of profitable traders take a mere 1%–2% risk on each transaction.

To comprehend this fact, let’s look at a little example. You might lose up to $250 if you choose to take a 0.5% chance on $50,000. 

Therefore, before you begin day trading, put aside more money and determine how much you’re willing to lose.

3. Decide Time

It is not necessary to invest and wait for a profit while day trading. You need to put in time and energy. Therefore, avoid day trading if you lack the time or the dedication to devote your time.

As a trader, you have to monitor market performance and spot any possibilities. Thus, you have to be available at all times throughout trade hours. 

4. Start with a small investment

Don’t rush toward making large income. Always begin with a little sum of money. Avoid trading more than two stocks in a single session. Never assume that having fewer stocks will mean having less chances. Instead, a small number of stocks will make it simpler for you to monitor and identify chances.

Fractional shares are the preferred option for most traders. It will assist you in determining the very minimum that you must invest at first.

Assume that shares of Amazon are worth $3,500. Many brokers may advise you to purchase a fractional share for as little as $25 or less than 1%.

5. Avoid Penny Stocks

Most merchants hunt for the best deals. It’s not at all harmful. It does not, however, imply that you would accept the penny stocks. These stocks are not very liquid; therefore, you won’t be able to make a big profit on them.

Major stock exchanges prohibit trading in stocks worth less than $5. These penny stocks should be avoided unless you’ve done your research and can identify a legitimate opportunity. 

6. Time orders to make profits

With the market opening in the morning, several orders begin to execute. There will be more price fluctuation as a result.

An expert can determine the stock opening orders and allow enough time for stock production. However, novice players need to have the patience to observe market patterns for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes.

The market usually speeds up as it gets closer to closure and is less erratic throughout the middle hours. Yes, there are a lot of chances during rush hour. But, if you’re a novice, you shouldn’t make an investment during these peak hours.

7. Trade with Limit Orders to reduce losses

Selecting the kind of orders, you wish to use for trading is the next stage. Two categories of orders exist:

Market orders: these are transactions at the best price the market is currently offering. Market orders come in handy if you want to trade right away. 

Limit orders: They are used to execute trades at the price that is requested. Limited order does not, therefore, guarantee execution. Nonetheless, trading on your own terms gives you more confidence.

Furthermore, you may hold your position even if the market doesn’t reach the price you’re hoping for at a certain moment. Therefore, you can lessen your losses by using a limit order. Is it not wonderful news? Find out more about the order of trailing stop limit.

8. Be Realistic About Profits

Not every tactic makes money for you. Only 50–60% of transactions made by traders are often profitable. Still, they have a really good plan. The goal is to win more and lose less. Additionally, they provide precise ways of entrance and exit as well as a low level of risk on every trade.

9. Stay calm

Day trading is, in fact, a nerve-wracking game. However, you shouldn’t let results scare you. Furthermore, when making trading judgments, you should use reasoning rather than emotion.

10. Follow your Plan

A proper and well-thought-out approach makes trading hassle-free. Only if you accurately implement your trading plan will it be feasible.

The majority of traders give up on their technique because they believe it is ineffective. But the actual world is not like that. Adhering to the appropriate plan won’t turn you into a fortune overnight. Rather, you must be persistent, patient, and committed to turning a sizable profit. 

Why Is It Challenging to Do Day Trading?

Day trading requires expertise and understanding. Aside from this, there are a few more things that complicate day trading. As an example,

Competition with professionals:

Novice traders must contend with seasoned professionals. These professionals make advantage of industry contacts and—above all—the best available technologies. They are successful traders because of these two elements. You will so find day trading to be difficult.


No matter how little money you make, you still have to pay taxes to the federal government. It is necessary for you to pay taxes.

  • Regarding your earnings
  • Regarding assets that are placed on a one-year hold


At the beginning of your day trading profession, psychological and emotional biases present additional difficulty. Imagine if your first investment is a loss; you would be devastated on a mental level.

Expert traders, on the other hand, may readily overcome such obstacles.

Basic Day Trading Techniques

Day trading has several advantages as well as difficulties. Let’s look at some intriguing methods that you might employ to day trade profitably.

Pay attention to market trends: Those that follow trends purchase when prices drop and sell when they rise. A prudent trader anticipates that prices will continue to rise and fall and follows the trend of the market.

Investing against the grain: This describes a turnabout in price increases. Traders that employ this approach anticipate a quick change in the reversal trend.

Trading the news is a method whereby traders make investments in response to positive news announcements. However, unfavorable news will lead the trader to short-sell. Market volatility will rise as a result, raising both profits and losses.

Scalping is a trading practice where a trader takes advantage of price gaps. These price differences are mostly caused by the bid-ask spread. Traders use this strategy to enter and exit positions quickly.

Combining many ways to generate large earnings is another excellent tactic. It’s not necessary to use these methods all the time. Discovering your trading technique will also help you work appropriately. You need to be very clear about your objectives while figuring out your trading technique.

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Final Thoughts

Day trading is difficult. A certain level of competence, discipline, and dedication are prerequisites for beginning day trading. The most significant thing about day trading is that it takes time. However, that doesn’t imply you shouldn’t begin day trading. By combining appropriate stock market knowledge with the aforementioned successful tactics, you may turn it into a profitable business.

The markets are alive because of the day traders’ knowledge and skill. Therefore, to improve your chances of making money from trading, be constant and keep an eye on your performance.