Tips to Don a Choker Necklace on a Winter Wedding!

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Since a choker is worn around the neck, the word can be rearranged to form the phrase “choke ‘er.” In addition, it was designed to highlight the slimmest of female necks.

When worn as a foundation piece, the Indian choker set is an excellent piece of jewellery because it goes well with both western gowns and traditional Indian clothing. You can confidently wear this bauble to your wedding, sangeet, or celebration.

Winter Weddings with Indian Choker Necklace

We briefly discussed how Indian gold choker necklaces are perfect for the sangeet and reception; nonetheless, it’s crucial to stress that these neckpieces are especially well-suited for winter weddings.

Several benefits to having a wedding in the winter are often overlooked. The chance for a romantic breeze, the crisp air, and, most significantly, the opportunity to try new things with your bridal attire, be it fabric, silhouette, or accessories. It’s just as entertaining as it sounds to have various options to pick from now. The challenge comes in finding ways to make your attire complement your jewellery without letting the glimmer of your precious metals and stones get lost.

gold choker is a failsafe way to coordinate your winter attire and accessories. The addition of a close-fitting Indian choker necklace will significantly enhance your outfit for the big day.

What to Do and What Not to Do When Wearing an Indian Choker

Chokers are distinctive among necklaces because of their defining neckline. A gold choker, whether basic in design or piled to the gills, is an attention-getters due to its proximity to the wearer’s neck. So, it’s crucial to choose the proper pattern. You’ve settled on a necklace as the finishing touch to your ensemble, but the decisions are still ongoing; many options are still to consider. 

Dos and don’ts that we’ve compiled to guide you along the way are as follows:

Neckline: High-necked tops are in for a resurgence, and a winter wedding is a perfect excuse to try them. Wearing it with a traditional Polki and Kundan choker set will be stunning. Go for the timeless combination of uncut diamonds and gold, or select a piece with jewels that perfectly contrast your attire. The accessory will serve to both sticks out and complete the ensemble.

If your neckline is lower than usual, a thick gold choker necklace with cascading pieces will look great with your outfit. Wear luxurious Pashminas for a stately appearance. Pearl and diamond neckpieces are perfect accessories for an engagement or wedding banquet. Choose a gold temple choker set for a classic style or a diamond-studded one for a more up-to-date vibe. The bottom line is that this jewellery is a versatile accessory worn with various shawls, shrugs, and capes. Chokers are perfect for winter weddings, and the combinations are unlimited.

Shades and styles: Coordination of hues and fabrics is essential, as some ethnic garb is already embellished to a high degree; a chunky necklace, for example, might easily overwhelm the ensemble. Chokers should be avoided with overly embroidered garments, but if you must wear one with many sequins, choose gemstones in the same colour family as the embellishments. It’ll bring everything together in a beautiful way. To pull this look off with minimal effort, choose an item of clothing with a self-print or embroidery.

The importance of proper layering: One of the most common tips for wearing an Indian choker necklace is to overlay it with a longer one. The most popular exploit is complex to pull off because of all the variables that must be considered. Your statement choker and the necklace you plan to stack should have similar metal tones. Furthermore, if the gemstones have the same hue, the overall effect is more pleasing to the eye. Since there are already varied lengths in play, it might not be comforting if the tones are all over the place.

Contemporary versus conventional: When most people think of India, they picture sarees draped gracefully over their shoulders and these both modest and edgy necklaces. But you shouldn’t rule them out with dangling accents, either! A gold choker with ornate details or cascading gems will add opulence to outfits like lehengas and shararas. They will still be wearable even if a bulky dupatta is thrown over the shoulders.

To sum it up!

Blend the old with the new with the universally flattering choker. Wearing a neckpiece can make you feel a little intimidating at first, but you can rest assured that you will always be a step ahead of the fashion game when you do.

You can use these guidelines if you want to rock a choker at a winter wedding.