TikTok user licks toilet bowl, starts ‘coronavirus challenge’

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To get fame a TikTok user went to extremes and licked the toilet in an airplane and post that video on the TikTok account and gave it the name of “Coronavirus Tiktok Challenge”.

Ms. Eva Louise whose TikTok username is @avalouiise posted a video of herself in which she was liking toilet seat. She posted that video on Tiktok on Sunday, March 15 with the caption “Coronavirus challenge”.

After that, she posted another video from her account and told her fans that she is totally fine and not infected with COVID-19.

Ms. Eva told in the Instagram story that she did this to be featured on CNN and she said that before licking toilet seat she had cloroxed it. She claimed that she had earned 4000 US dollars with that toilet licking video.

Tiktok administration has removed that video.

The deadly coronavirus outbreak has infected 170,000 people worldwide as of Monday.

Ms. Eva who has launched that coronavirus challenge is trending on social media. People are so angry with this movement of her and advised her to go to a mental hospital.