The Top Benefits of Hiring Armed Security Guards for Your Business

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Most people don’t go to work thinking that their lives might be in danger. Yet, there are endless news reports of armed robberies, active shooters, and other violent situations that terrorize everyday people.

While some businesses are more vulnerable than others to these types of threats, no company is immune from crime or danger. If you’re worried about the safety and security of your staff, your customers, or your clients, it might be time to consider hiring armed security guards.

But what can an armed security guard bring to the table. Why invest your money and resources in these types of services?

Keep reading for everything you need to know.

A Higher Level of Expertise

Some people wonder, “Why hire armed security guards over unarmed security guards?” The simple answer is training.

In most cases, armed security guards are better trained, have more experience, and have more expertise. That’s because it’s much harder to get an armed security guard license. It entails deeper background checks and intense armed security guard training.

Therefore, when you hire an armed guard, you know you’re not just buying a weapon, you’re investing in the highly-trained individual who might one day need to use it.

A Significant Crime Deterrence

Security guards of all kinds offer a level of crime deterrence. Of course, a security guard with a weapon will add another level of intimidation to criminals and other people who might seek to do harm.

Having armed security guards on-site will make your business less vulnerable to things like break-ins, theft, violence, disorder, bomb threats, active shooters, etc.

Fast, On-Site Response

Many business owners invest in security systems like alarms and cameras. While these things certainly won’t hurt your overall level of security, they won’t necessarily prevent crime. Furthermore, alarms and cameras will only alert you and authorities to active crimes taking place, they can’t do anything at the moment.

This is where hiring armed security guards really pays off. Armed guards are on-site, which means they can respond immediately to any threats. This could be break-ins in the middle of the night or violence in the middle of the day.

Sense of Saftey and Security

Finally, armed security guards can also do personal details for high-level executives and other VIPs. If you’re worried about your own safety and security or that of your business affiliates or high-profile clients, get armed personal security.

Having an armed guard will likely prevent anything bad from happening to people who might attract criminals. For high-profile clients, armed escorts can be an attractive selling point.

Overall, however, having armed security provides everyone with a sense of safety and security. This can lead to a more productive work environment and happier employees. Also, consider retail security that is really important for your big or small business to make your business safe.

Need Armed Security Guards for Your Business?

Are you thinking about hiring armed security guards for your business? As you can see, it’s not a bad idea. In some cases, it might be necessary to secure the safety of everyone stepping foot inside your company.

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