The importance of marking metal using Laser

Laser engraving of metals using serial numbers, barcodes, and logos are viral marking tools on fiber laser and CO2 systems.

Due to their lengthy operation, non needed maintenance, and their meager costs, fiber lasers are an excellent choice for marking in industrial applications. Lasers of this type create an extremely high-contrast permanent marking that doesn’t alter the part’s integrity.

When marking metal that is not bare in CO2 lasers, a specific spray (or paste) is applied to the material before engraving. The CO2 Laser creates a bond between the marking agent and the metal surface and creates permanent marks. Fast and inexpensive CO2 lasers also mark different kinds of materials like acrylics, woods, natural stones, etc.

Both CO2 and fiber лазерная маркировка на металле made by Epilog can be controlled from nearly any Windows-based application and are extremely easy to operate.

Laser Differences

Laser Differences

Since different kinds of lasers react differently to metals, several things are to consider.

It takes longer marking metals using CO2 lasers, for example, because of the necessity for pre-treatment or coating with a marking agent for metal. The Laser should also be operated in a highly low-speed and high-power setting so that an agent for marking to connect to the metal effectively. Some users find that they can remove the laser mark after the Laser has been applied, indicating that the part is best run at a slower speed and a higher power setting.

The benefit of marking metal using CO2 lasers can be that it is created on top of the metal and does not require the removal of the metal, which means there’s no effect on the metal’s resistance or strength. It is essential to note the coated materials, such as painted brass or anodized aluminum, don’t require any prior treatment.

For pure metals, fiber lasers are the preferred method for engraving. Fiber lasers are great to mark many kinds of brass, aluminum, copper, nickel-plated metallics, stainless steel, and many more, along with engineered plastics, such as PEEK, ABS, and polycarbonates. Certain materials are challenging to mark using the wavelength of the Laser generated by the device. The beam can travel through translucent materials, for example, and leave marks on the table instead. While it’s possible to create mark-making on organic material like clear glass, wood, and leather using the fiber laser system, it’s not the kind of thing this system is best suited to use.

Types of Marks

To match the material to be engraved, a laser system can offer a variety of choices. The fundamental procedure of engraving is the laser beam burning material off the object’s surface. The marking is usually a cone-shaped indentation due to the form that the laser beam takes. A series of cycles through the system could make deep engraving that eliminates the mark’s damage by harsh conditions.

Blatino is similar to engraving and is usually connected with removing the top coating to expose the metal underneath. Ablation is a process that can be done using anodized or plated and powder-coated metals. For more information about animated series, click to Fubar News that would be the right place for you.

A different mark can be created using heat to the outside of the object. When annealing occurs, a permanent oxide layer formed from exposure to high temperatures makes the high mark contrast without altering the surface finish. Foaming causes the surface of an object to create gas bubbles that are caught when the material is cooled, resulting in a high result. Polishing can be accomplished through rapid heating of the surface of the metal to alter its color, which results in a mirror-like appearance. Annealing is a process that works with metals that have significant levels of carbon and oxides, like iron, steel alloys, titanium, and others. Foaming is commonly applied to plastics, but stainless steel is also stamped with this method. Polishing can be used on virtually any metal, and metallic with a matte finish produce the best high-contrast results.

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