The Governmental benefits of registering a death in India and it’s importance in gathering more accurate statistics

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Registering a death before applying for a death certificate can be a challenging task, especially considered that it has to be done within 21 days from the event and by a close relative of the deceased. The person going through the registration is probably going through a lot themselves since they have lost a loved one, and now they are forced to handle a ton of paperwork.

Other than being a benefit to the family, when it comes to paperwork and dealing with various institutions when coordinating on behalf of the deceased, it assists the Government with information on the number of people that passed away in any given year, within the country. They also use this information to compile the common causes of death. A recent poll of this nature stated that a majority of senior citizens, handicapped in their life were because of motorised vehicles. Information about certain diseases causing a large number of people to pass away, have to be looked into, and, in turn, the Government works on finding out the spread areas and accordingly organises programs to assist people to get through it.

While there are many challenges when it comes to registrations of a death certificate, as mentioned above, it has been simplified to a great extent. One of the main reason for the time limit is to reduce the chance of there being any foul play or suspicion around the death of the person. After the death has been registered, the family can apply for a death certificate whenever they need one. There is no hurry in getting one since they only need it when they are coordinating any paperwork like banking, insurance or other financial information relating to the deceased individual.

To improve further, the birth certificate application process has now online, allowing people to go through it from the comfort of their homes and at their convenience. All the forms for the application are on the website, and the applicants have to mention the process that they are applying for, and they can download the necessary forms, and submit them. While the system allows people to submit the forms online, it also allows them to hand them in, at the office of the Registrar. People can choose to handle this process the way that they see fit and depending on what they would find convenient. The website allows for the uploading of additionally certificates, to assist with speeding up the process, instead of having to travel to the office with the documents.

They have to pay a registration fee to apply for a death certificate, which varies depending on the time that a person applied for the death certificate.