The dinosaur with 500 teeth

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By Kaleem Ullah


In 1976, a team of paleontologists led by French Philippe Sackett discovered several fossils of dinosaur with 500 teeth. Do you know who the 500-tooth dinosaur was? Did it come into being?

In 1976, a team of paleontologists led by Philip Thacket of France discovered the bizarre dinosaur remains of a unique 500-toothed dinosaur. But what about Different species of Dinosaurs? Did it come into being?

Nigel’s body was discovered in 1997 by investigator Paul Sereno. Most dinosaur bones were collected in the Sahara region of Niger.

Dinosaurs had 500 teeth – the 500-tooth dinosaur you haven’t heard of

What is a 500-tooth dinosaur?

The strangest dinosaur in the world with the biggest teeth

A team of paleontologists has discovered that 110 million years ago there was a cleaner, like a cleaner.

A team of American paleontologists discovered a bizarre dinosaur-like species with hundreds of tiny teeth in the Sahara Mountains 110 million years ago. His name is Nigersaurus Taqueti in honor of French scientist Philippe Taqueti, who discovered the animal in 1976, according to research director Paul Sereno. Exhibit at the National Geographic Museum in Washington, D.C.

The 13-meter-long dinosaur was the smaller cousin of the North American Diplodocus and had 30-centimeter-long scissors. “Among all dinosaurs, Nigersaurus holds the Guinness World Record for nearly 500 teeth,” explains Sereno.

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Scientists have examined the animal’s skull and have been able to pinpoint the most common locations on its body. Unlike most dinosaurs, which moved its mouth forward, the Niger squash’s mouth tends to touch the ground. Its spine, with its small bone mass, is another morphological feature. “The spinal cord is so soft that it’s hard to imagine how it responds to everyday stress,” said team member Jeffrey Wilson.

Paul Moreno’s team is funded by the National Geographic Society in Washington, the David & Lucille Packard Foundation, and the University of Chicago. This December issue of National Geographic will be the headline of an article with a cover photo of Niger Sorority.

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Nigel was a dinosaur with 500 teeth

About 110 million years ago, a team of paleontologists discovered about 500 million small articulate and toothless animals.

Scientists call it Taketi of Nigerian origin, and named it after the scientist who discovered the philosopher, Philip Taketi, but affectionately calls him Nigel.

National Geographic also claims the original dinosaur fossils are in the Washington museum.

The first dinosaur remains were discovered in 1976.

Which dinosaur had 500 teeth?

Which dinosaur had 500 teeth?

Niger Long Plateau Ruins

The most complete site of the Niger Dragon Plateau was discovered during an excavation led by American paleontologist Paul Sereno, who gave it its current name until 1999.

The name of the descendants of Nigerosaurus means “Nigerian”, referring to the place where it was found; the exact name “Taketi” is in honor of French paleontologist Philip Taket, who discovered it in 1976 while organizing a major excavation in the country. the first fragments.