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Dragon Tiger can be described as a simplified version of baccarat to a person who’s never played the game. The game is played between two classic and Chinese characters: the tiger and the mythical dragon. A punter has the opportunity to make a play or wager on any character in an immersive gameplay experience. In addition, a punter stands to win a profit at the end for guessing the higher card. Dragon Tiger players have access to main betting options and multiple side betting options over several rounds of gameplay. The online version of the game has been around for two decades and is growing in popularity among Asian punters. 

How To Play Casino Dragon Tiger?

The rules for playing the online casino dragon tiger are simple. But, first, players need to follow the following rules:

  1. The game is usually played with 6 to 10 decks of cards, with the median number of 8 decks adopted by most online casinos. 
  2. Points are allocated based on the face value points of the card. For example, the ace is worth 1, 2 is worth 2, …9 is worth 9. King is maximum, followed by Queen and so on in terms of points. 
  3. Punters gain access to different types of bets or betting on other outcomes. For example, some bets include primary bets, big or small, red or black, suit, one red or one black, etc. 
  4. The probability of a win or loss is slightly shy of 50% because the punter loses half their staked amount in the event of a draw. The actual chance of winning or losing is 46.2%. The likelihood of a tie is 3.75%. 
  5. Ties pay eight times the amount wagered. The payout is 50 times the amount staked for suited ties but is much harder to predict than regular ties. 

Types Of Bets On SBOTOP

Punters can make different wagers on Dragon Tiger such as:

  1. Big or Small – punters can make wagers on if the card is high or low (or big or small). A punter makes a wager if the card is over or under the value of 7. In the event of a tie, the punter loses the entire amount staked. Therefore, a punter has a 46% chance of winning a big or small wager. 
  2. Odds/evens – punter has the opportunity to bet on the outcome of the card for the tiger or the dragon. The punter can make a bet on the card being odd or even with Aces counted as odd numbers. 
  3. Red and blacks – betting on red makes a wager on the card’s suit being hearts or diamonds. Betting on black is making a wager on the case of the card being spades or clubs. 
  4. Suit – a player can make a wager on the suit’s outcome, including making a wager on hearts, clubs, diamonds, or spades. Predicting the correct product is under 25%, and the payoff for a suit wager is three times the amount wagered.
  5. Two reds and two blacks – The probability of predicting two reds and or two blacks is the same as expecting a suit bet. A punter has a likelihood of marginally under 25% of getting two red or two black cards given to the dragon and the tiger. 

For all the suits above, seven is considered a loss for the punter. 

Play Online Casino Dragon Tiger

Malaysian punters gain access to online casino dragon tiger on SBOTOP, the best online casino website in Malaysia. Punters can play with live dealers located across the globe and interact with the dealers through highly customized and interactive software. Playing with a live dealer gives a Malaysian punter a virtual gambling experience similar to the experience of playing in casinos. 

Malaysian punters can play dragon tiger online by making a primary wager on either the tiger or the dragon and multiple side wagers on either the dragon or the tiger. Creating a side bet isn’t conditional. A punter can make a side bet on the same character or a different character as the main bet. Across all bets, punters can expect a 96% RTP on average for all main bets and a 92% RTP on average for all side bets. 

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