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By Kaleem Ullah

Should your car be scrapped? Then we always offer a good, fair scrap premium on cars. We buy all kinds of cars, vans and buses for car scrapping throughout Denmark, regardless of their brand, mileage, damage and defects. Do you need an assessment of your scrapping premium on your car in Copenhagen, Greater Copenhagen, Zealand or elsewhere in the country? Then we will be happy to come out to you.

We offer scrap premiums of up to DKK 200,000 after assessment, but our exact offer for scrap premium varies from car to car. There is a difference between whether a car can no longer go through sight, or whether it is totally damaged after an accident. In the event of minor defects, or when the car no longer goes through inspection, the price will be higher because there are more reusable spare parts. We can therefore not give fixed offers on scrap prices Skrotpriser. But we always give you an offer at the highest price once we have rated your car.

Do you have one or more cars parked in the garage or in the parking lot? When a car is stationary, it means unnecessary expenses for weight tax and insurance. So if you want to scrap it, then there can actually be both money to save and pick up, We buy and scrap your car.

We buy all kinds of scrap cars. Contact us at Tel. + 45 70 60 50 86  or fill out the form and get a non-binding offer on your scrap car. It’s easy and fast. and get a no-obligation quote on your scrap car.

We buy your scrap car throughout the country (Zealand, Funen or Jutland), regardless of whether your scrap car is without a registration certificate, without paper, condition, make and model. You are welcome to contact our auto scrap Skrot bil dealer today if you have one or more cars ready for scrap. We give Denmark’s highest scrap premium on your scrap car, and we are happy to pick it up at your address free of charge. As an extra service, we also unsubscribe from your car’s registration so you do not have to think about it.

If you are about to scrap an old diesel or petrol car, or if you have questions about the increased scrapping premium (2020 years) for old diesel or petrol cars, we are ready to help you. Contact our skilled professionals by phone Tel. + 45 70 60 50 86 or fill out the attached contact form on this page and we will answer you immediately.

Is your car ready for scrap? Dan has scrapped more than 10,000 cars, we settle with a fair competitive scrap premium price. When we receive your car scrap, we always deregister the car with SKAT, so the process is easy and hassle-free for you. There are in fact good opportunities to both save and pick up money by handing over your scrap car.

Scrap your car and get a good win. When we assess your scrap car, we are happy to do so over the phone. Of course, in order to inform you about Skrotpræmie right scrap premium, we need you to give us as much information about that car as possible so that we can give you a fair price.

You are welcome to contact one of our employees for more information on, so you can get answers to your questions about your scrap car. Otherwise, you can always write us an email at And remember! You do not commit to anything by asking – our car scrap prices and offers are non-binding. We are looking forward to hear from you.