The Benefits of Custom Car Covers

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When a car owner is in the market to purchase a car cover, there are a variety of factors that must be considered to make a well-informed decision. Would it be best to select a universal-fitting car cover, or would an investment in a custom-fit car cover be worth it?

What will a custom car cover protect?

An automobile’s biggest enemies include harmful sun rays, chemicals, tree sap, or animal deposits, to name a few. A custom car cover protects the car and offers a car owner a viable way to avoid visiting the body shop needlessly. More specifically, a customized car cover will protect the car’s –

A custom car cover also protects a vehicle from accumulating dirt during a snowy or rainy season.  

What is the difference between a custom & universal-fit car cover?

A custom-fit car cover is created with the use of precise vehicle measurements. As such, a custom car cover provides maximum protection for your car. However, a universal-fit car cover will seldom be the exact size needed. If the cover is too big, it can easily be lifted off the car by a wind gust. Conversely, if it is too small, it can’t do its job effectively.

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The Benefits of Custom Car Covers

The Cover Acts as a Theft Deterrent

Because the car cover fits snugly, the car’s contents are kept from plain sight. Additionally, a thief would need extra time to remove the cover if they were even to try to steal the car, making it likely they would choose a car without a cover as it would be faster and easier.

The Cover Won’t Rub Against the Paint

Universal-fit car covers generally run larger as this allows the cover to accommodate more car sizes. Car covers that are too large for the vehicle will constantly rub up against the clear coat on the car’s surface, eventually exposing the paint beneath. Even worse, if there is dirt on the underside of the car cover, this will begin to scratch the exposed paint.

In addition, a custom car cover won’t jiggle or squirm from the wind, especially if anchored down.

The Cover Fits Around Protrusions

A universal-fit car cover is typically flat, without pockets that wrap neatly around the car’s side mirrors or specialized antennas, among other potential items.  The universal cover is simply stretched across these items, creating tremendous pockets of space between the cover and the vehicle.  

A custom car cover is designed with pockets that slide snugly around these protrusions, so the car cover’s fabric fits snugly across the car’s surface – offering maximum protection against dirt, grime, and other damaging elements.