Minar-e-Pakistan Incident: Police took Victim (Ayesha Akram) into Custody

Ayesha Akram leaked Videos

On Independence Day, a horrific incident of mass harassment and assault took place with Ayesha Akram in Greater Iqbal Park, Lahore, after which she was taken into police custody as she was in danger of death. According to the details, Saddam Hussain, the brother of the victim Ayesha Akram, said that after the video of … Read more

Minar-e-Pakistan incident: Important revelations in the medical report of the victim girl

ayesha akram medical report

A medical report on the case of torture and harassment of a girl in Minar-e-Pakistan confirmed several marks on the body of the victim. The medical report of Ayesha Akram, a girl who was raped and tortured by 400 accused in Lahore Minar-e-Pakistan, has revealed that Ayesha has dozens of scratches and clear marks on … Read more