Petition filed to stop Aurat march is Rejected

Auraat March Islamabad

The court rejected the petition filed to stop the Aurat March in the federal capital. Islamabad High Court’s chief justice Athar Minallah decides on a petition filed to stop Aurat March in Islamabad. The court issued an eight-page written judgment. In which the petition against the Aurat march declared unwarranted and dismissed. The court ruled … Read more

Pakistan Bar Council Supporting Aurat March

Pakistan Bar Council Supporting Aurat March

Pakistan Bar Council has announced support for the Aurat March. In a statement issued by the Pakistan Bar Council, the support of the Aurat March has been announced and PCB condemns the threatening of Aurat March participants. The statement states that the march or peace protest is one of the fundamental rights; the Aurat march … Read more

Case filed for Banning Aurat March in Pakistan

Aurat March Bans in Pakistan

What’s your though is it a good move? Only a couple of days back, Judicial Activism Council Chairman Azhar Siddique documented a request to ban the Aurat March in Pakistan. Lahore High court is now willing to hear the petition of ban Aurat March. Aurat March is a movement that calls for women empowerment. In … Read more