Suspected Coronavirus Patient Commits Suicide

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According to reports, A man jumps from the seventh floor of  New Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital on suspicion of a coronavirus. According to an Indian media report, a 35-year-old Indian man traveled from Sydney to India. Who was shifted to a hospital in New Delhi on suspicion of a Coronavirus by airport officials? After a checkup at the airport, the airport authorities shifted him in quarantine.

According to hospital sources, the Indian man was brought to the hospital at 9 am and when he was kept in quarantine, the man opened the door of Quarantina ward for fear of coronavirus and jumped from the seventh floor of the hospital to commit suicide. Police told the media that during the initial investigation it was discovered that the man belonged to the Indian state of Punjab and the man had been to Sydney for the past year.

Note there are 172 coronavirus cases that have been reported in India.