Steps You Need To Take To Become A Real Estate Agent

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By Kaleem Ullah

If you want to drive a plane, car or a bike, for all of it, a license is considered to be the prerequisite.  Likewise, if you want to be a real estate agent, you require a license.  You get to deal with various clients while working as a real estate agent.  And you are certainly your boss there.  You can attend a real estate syndication seminar to understand it even better. 

Below are the steps to get the license to become a real estate agent-

  • Select your target state

The first step is to select the state where you want to work and then fulfil the pre-license course requirements. Every state is different, so every state’s requirements are also different.

Each state has requirements for certain- 

  • Age
  • Pre-licensing course
  • Post licensing requirements
  • Criminal history, if any
  • Educational requirements
  • Exam eligibility

Some of the states provide licenses that can also be used in another state without having to take an additional license.

  • Buy a Pre-licensing course

Every state requires taking up a preceding course from a certified real estate licensing school.  Do proper research before buying one because there will be different instructors with their material which might affect your result

  • Activate the license

Once you pass the exam, activate your license by submitting the required documents with the application to the regulatory authority.  Once the license gets activated, your name will appear in the searchable section on the licensees’ website but once the license is issued to you in a hard copy.

  • Become a Realtor

The work of a real estate agent and realtor are different from each other.

Realtors are considered members of the National Association of Realtors and follow the guidelines accordingly while helping their clients.

Being a realtor is not a compulsion, but if you become one.  But being a realtor will get you a lot of perks, namely- Opportunities, Research data, and other business tools.

If not a realtor, you can attend various seminars to enhance your knowledge, like a real estate syndication seminar.

  • Start working under a broker

The next thing you can do is to work under a broker to gain some expertise and learnings while learning some through a real-life example.

Final Overview

It is a little costly to get a license, but it will surely be worth all your efforts, time and money.  Then afterwards, it is up to you whether you want to work on a freelancing basis or you want to take it up full time.  Real estate syndication seminar might guide.  You are in the right direction for the same.  While working as a real estate agent requires a lot of hard work, sometimes there is no time left for your personal life. 

There might be months where you go on without earning a penny because you earn commission on each of your sales here.  But the mantra is to keep on going and plan your expenses and investments, especially in the initial years, very cautiously.