Social Media: The Important Aspect of Digital Marketing

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By Kaleem Ullah

Social media wields enormous power and influence over our lives. The current age is the age of people.  People have the power to change leaders, laws, customs, and trends. Businesses have to accommodate the interests of the people to survive. 

You want success in your social media strategy. For that, you have to learn what social media is all about. You can also work with an agency offering digital marketing services for a solid Social Media strategy. Read on to find what you need for a successful social media campaign.

Scholars apply the term “social media” to platforms that have content generated by users. The content in those platforms must be shareable.  A site must have user profiles, content, and groups to be considered a social network. It must allow its users to express their thoughts through likes, shares, and comments.

Challenges in Social Media Marketing

Brands face several challenges when they do promotions on social media. Social media provides tremendous opportunities for businesses. However, some challenges remain.  

  • Defining Target Audience is a challenge, especially for small businesses. They usually will not have the budget to do research. 
  • Creating content to appeal to the audience is a challenge. It requires extensive research. It takes more time. You also have to feed the search engines with quality content.
  • Companies have to design a site that drives sales. Customers must find it easy to use. The web design should make an emotional appeal and lead the customers to action.
  • Getting your customers engaged is a challenge. So many players want the attention of the people. So, you have to do something to win customer attention.
  • Mobile usage is on the rise. Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. It is quite a challenge to appeal to both mobile and PC users. Make your interactions smooth across all devices.

Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are places people meet. People across the world come together for different purposes. Some people come to seek information. Friends come for a chat. Others have different reasons to go online. Businesses have several options to market their products on social media platforms. New platforms get added every year. 


Facebook is an effective platform for B2C brands. Facebook has several features for B2B brands. Companies can do promotions and announce events on Facebook. The platform serves B2B brands. But its focus is on B2C brands. 

Use Facebook Pages to share updates about your company. Facebook has features like posting links, photos, videos, and polls. You can also run paid Facebook ads. It gives your brand more visibility.

Facebook allows brands to engage directly with customers. You can track metrics like shares, likes, comments, and posts.  People comment on posts. They express their thoughts. You understand what your customers want from you from their comments. You can work with an SEO agency in India, for a solid Facebook strategy.


LinkedIn is the right platform for B2B brands. The platform exclusively focuses on business relationships. For individuals, the platform makes things easy to meet business professionals. They have many business opportunities.

LinkedIn is a good place for personal branding. It helps marketers to do more targeted advertising. They have multiple features to execute their strategy.

Marketers can target based on location, industry, and company. An SEO services company providing digital marketing services can help you craft a solid LinkedIn strategy.

Brands in the platform should focus on providing value to their connections and groups. The companies in LinkedIn have separate pages. The platform has advanced features to mark employees.

You can track some vital metrics on LinkedIn for success. They include followers, group members, recommendations, and skill endorsements. 


It is a micro-blogging site. Marketers, CEO, and business professionals can benefit from the platform. The network allows you to share information quickly. You can add a link to your website to drive more traffic.

Twitter is a good place for B2B brands. You can get breaking news and business updates.  Twitter allows companies to announce events. They can also go live to engage with customers.

The metrics you need to track in Twitter are followers, mentions, and retweets. A strategy keeps things in focus. It helps you organize all your marketing plans. So, craft a social media strategy for an effective campaign. 

Here are a few things you should do for a successful campaign.

Things to Do for a successful campaign

  • Use your medium to keep a positive brand image. Politely respond to critics. This way, you can win the goodwill of the people.
  • Speak with your customers. Make good relationships. It will boost brand loyalty. 
  • Do not stop with attractive ads. Move customers to buy your products. Add a powerful CTA. It must provoke your customers to act.
  • Identify influencers and peer groups. They can spread the word about your brand.
  • Your users have short attention spans. So, come up with innovative ads. They must capture their attention. 
  • Today, business is all about pleasing customers. Try to get their feedback. Innovate and improve constantly.

Everyone is trying hard to find the secret formula for success. But you cannot break everything in life into a simple equation. Social media is the same. However, successful campaigns on social media have these four ingredients:

  1. Cool factor: All social media posts should be entertaining. 
  2. Usefulness: Every content should add value to the audience.
  3. Immediacy and Novelty: Your customers want immediate results. They are impatient. It is also essential to come up with creative ideas. Find unique ways of doing things.
  4. Personal Approach: Adding a personal touch in all your interaction is critical. It forges relationships. The goal is to make your customers feel special and wanted.

You have read all these things. Social media marketing is for you if you want to:

  • Build brand
  • Reduce time and expenses
  • Build authority
  • Make new partnerships
  • Increase web traffic
  • Boost visibility
  • Improve rankings
  • Get quality leads
  • Increase revenue