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Smart And Simple Security For Your Melbourne Home

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By John Wick

Natural disasters are not strangers to Melbourne. You will be pleased to know that Serious has found a way to protect your home not only from robbery and robbery, but also from weather and other invisible threats. Floods on wood and wood products can be dangerous. Once deployed, flood and freeze sensors and smoke detectors will notify you in a timely manner to diagnose and fix problems before they go out of control. Serious allows you to integrate these devices into your personalized home alarm system.

Serious Water Sensor-Protects your home from floods and sub-zero temperatures by sending alerts when the temperature inside or around your home drops or the humidity level exceeds preset parameters.

Serious Outdoor Camera Pro-A wireless Serious Security Melbourne Cameras with infrared night vision that provides on-demand access to 20-second video clips and sends notifications to the phone when motion is detected.

Serious Motion Sensor Uses infrared technology and a 90 degree viewing angle to prevent intruders from passing unnoticed.

Smoke Detector-Backed by an award-winning 24/7 indoor surveillance team, our high-tech devices detect smoke and use photoelectric sensors to detect temperature rises.

Serious Safety Sensor-Sends an alert to Serious Security when protected doors and windows open. It can also be used to secure first aid kits, gun cabinets, or nurseries.

In addition to being aware of 24/7 home security, our home security system also includes professional monitoring. Our surveillance team has industry-leading response times and uses the Serious Smart Hub panel to check the status of paramedics and ensure that their families and homes receive the best care wherever they are. You can check it.

Serious introduces a new level of convenient home management

Melbourne, Florida is famous for its hot summers, and the last thing you want on a hot summer night is to go out. If you have ever been in a lockout situation, you know the stress and inconvenience you experience while waiting for a lockout shop. Fortunately, Serious has a better way. It offers a variety of smart locks with a keypad that allows you to enter a security code, so you don’t have to carry a physical key with you. In addition, smart locks can be controlled and managed from touch panels or mobile devices via the Serious Security platform. Wondering what else Serious has to offer?

Serious Doorbell Camera Pro: See, hear and talk to people at the door, even if you don’t have the smartest doorbell camera in the world. You can also receive a mobile notification when you press the doorbell to see who is with you before responding. It’s like having a caller ID at the front door.

Amazon Echo Voice Control: Multitasking has never been easier. All you have to do is use your voice to turn lights and small appliances on and off, activate the system, lock the doors and set the thermostat.

Remote access using the Serious app: The most highly rated apps on the App Store provide full mobile access to home controls.