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Small Businesses Benefit from Local SEO

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Search Engine Optimization is the focus on ranking high on search engines. The benefits of a great SEO campaign can bring an influx of traffic to a website, increasing sales. Taking advantage of SEO to rank high on search engines is important, primarily operating as a small business. Small businesses have tough competition between other local companies and big box chains. Likewise, over half of small businesses invest in and understand the value of SEO campaigns. Local SEO greatly impacts small businesses and gives them a fair advantage compared to commercial companies.

What is Local SEO?

A local business has certain advantages over commercial companies. For instance, a local business understands the area’s culture, people, and business trends. Local SEO services can help a small business implement these advantages into a campaign. Localized SEO helps a small business target a specified group of people based on location, demographics, and interests.

Search results vary depending on location. Targeting a specific area lands a small business at the top of Google search results. For example, a local restaurant may want to market its new delivery service. An SEO campaign can target people in the area who search for “food delivery,” and the business will appear at the top of the search results. So, keeping local SEO up to date can bring in new and existing customers.

Use SEO Tools

Local SEO only works when a business uses all the necessary tools provided. Companies such as Local SEO Maryland help local businesses improve their local SEO. There is a lot to account for when managing an SEO campaign, such as:

  • Keywords – Research popular keywords and phrases that get a business to the top of search engine results. Keywords change over time with trends resulting in continuous data observation.
  • Brand Awareness – A skilled SEO campaign will continuously land at the top of search results with the right keywords and phrases. It’s another form of marketing that keeps a small business at the top of the list, which increases brand awareness.
  • Understanding Data – Collecting data from an SEO campaign is crucial for future success. Understanding data can be complex when trying to roll out new campaigns. A/B Testing is recommended when two campaigns are similar in results, other campaigns may need a mixture of specific audiences or a higher bid strategy. Either way, reading data for a campaign can be challenging.
  • Audience Research – Keep data and track of potential and reoccurring customers. Local SEO campaigns change with customers’ interests. A business should keep customers engaged with services and cater to potential leads.
  • Blogs – Blogs are an excellent way to stay on top of keywords. Website content should change over time so the search engine algorithm can keep a local business at the top of the results. Blogs help improve keywords, images, and tags, which are all important to a successful SEO campaign.

Why Local is Important?

Although many consumers have access to online services worldwide, 57% of consumers shop locally. There are plenty of people who want to shop locally and support their community. A small business must take advantage of loyal consumers by improving its local SEO campaign. Local SEO can showcase a small business’s value, services, and expertise, giving back to its loyal customers.