Skid Steer Tires – most important things to know

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By Kaleem Ullah

The most crucial task in the construction and landscaping industry is completing the job on time and doing it efficiently. In such industries, just getting the work done is not the goal, since meeting the deadlines, following the timelines, delivering work with precision are also a few things that need to be considered. These goals are mutually inclusive, and hence both need to be achieved parallelly. The loaders and skid steer tires come to a save in such industries.

While working, there is always a possibility that the contractor may face undesirable issues out of their control. In such situations, it is always in the contractor’s hands to ensure all the pieces are well in place, that is, types of equipment, materials, crew, etc. This improves the reliability and reputation hence eliminating potential opportunities in the future business. The major problem that can prevent one from achieving all the task goals is the breakdown of equipment.

In the construction industry, the most crucial equipment is the skid steer loader. So, the risk is associated with the engine of the machine and the skid steer tires. Something as simple as a punctured skid steer tire can lead to delayed progress. Well, it might seem easy to fix by contacting the motorist. But in skid steer loaders, the tires are awkward and very time-consuming to replace. And usually, the job sites are such that it is not even accessible for the commoners to reach there.

To eliminate such unnecessary issues and improve productivity, selecting an appropriate skid steer tire is important. The skid steer tires are also of two types: solid flat-proof, and the other is pneumatic tires (which have air-filled in them). The pneumatic tire is cheaper than the solid flat-proof, and they provide a pretty good and comfortable ride, the chances of getting puncture are considerably high, and it mostly happens at a very inconvenient time. Thereby, it causes an unexpected and expensive delay in the construction work.

Skid steer tires – list of benefits

Hence, most contracts prefer investing in solid flat-proof tires, also called no-ai tires, for a long-term return in the long run. These skid steer tires are more reliable and provide improve day-wise performance. The skid steer tires have numerous benefits that include:

  1. Resistance to puncture
  2. Reduction in downtime
  3. Increased lifespan and is durable
  4. The overall maintenance is reduce
  5. Numerous applications across the industry
  6. Improved stability due to better machinery

Considering all of these benefits, most contractors invest in solid flat-proof tires since they deliver a long-term return on the investments made on the skid steer tires. The return on investment is not just in terms of the amount but also helps in improve productivity and helps in successfully following the timelines and deadlines.

If you are a contractor and wish to purchase a quality skid steer tire, you must know about a few companies/organizations that provide the best skid steer tires in the market presently. Though you can always get tires from your local manufacturer who is supplying in a shorter duration & in a smaller region, getting a quality product is always worth it. Companies such as Gehl, Bobcat, New Holland, John Deere, Case, Caterpillar, Volvo, Kubota, etc., are some of the companies that provide the best skid steer tires in the market. You can purchase to know more about it.