7 Simple Ways to Prevent Foundation Darkening

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By John Wick

The foundation is flawless and has a beautiful finish, that’s what we all want. Isn’t it? From choosing the right foundation to applying it well, it is very important and challenging. Sometimes the application is not like the mind due to some mistakes. The problem that many faces after applying the foundation; That’s too faded to see the foundation. This means it is to be the most delusional time of the year in my life, as well. It looks gray and this gray feeling is appearing on the face. And then the base doesn’t really look good. Are you also looking for tips to prevent foundation darkening? You can also see our other post Special Beige Makeup Tips.

7 Tips To Prevent Foundation Darkening

Honestly, I have also faced this problem. I know, many of you have read or are reading this problem. But as there is a problem, there is also a solution, right? Let’s not know, how to prevent foundation darkening in 7 easy ways?

1: Use Primer Properly

Primer helps prevent the foundation from turning gray or black. Many of us skip the primer during makeup. I think it will work even if you don’t use it. And that’s where I made the mistake. Because the primer foundation prevents blackening as well as creates a smooth surface and helps the foundation to sit nicely on the face.

2: Use Color Character

All of our skin has more or less different spots, dark circles, pigmentation, etc. If you apply foundation directly on top of these, the spots will become darker without pouring the stains. Especially if light or medium coverage foundation is used. So that these do not appear dark or gray; So before applying the foundation, apply a peach/orange color character on the stain and blend it. Then apply the foundation.

3: Dark Foundation Mixing

The main reason for darkening is usually seen on the foundation face; You are using a light shade foundation from your face. This makes the face look unusual. So always use a foundation of a shade that matches your skin. And if you accidentally buy a light shade foundation, then buy another dark shade foundation or foundation shade adjuster. Then mix the amount with your light color foundation and make the perfect shade yourself.

4: Choosing The Right Foundation

Choosing the right foundation is very important. Because, even if you don’t apply the foundation according to your skin type, the foundation may turn black. So those with oily skin are the Oil-Free Matte Foundation; Owners of dry skin will use Moisturizing Liquid Foundation, Owners of Sensitive Skin will use Powder Foundation and Owners of Combination Skin will use Moose Type Foundation.

5: Accurate Patch Test

Many of us, when we buy a foundation, pour the foundation in our hands and test it to see if it matches. This is a completely wrong approach. Because there may be a difference between hand skin shade and face skin shade. Resulting in; Us buy foundation in the wrong shade; Which can make the face black. So the patch test should always be done towards the throat.

6: Use Blending Properly

If foundation blending is not good; however, it can go with a dark finish. So always blend the foundation with a good beauty sponge or brush. Make sure your beauty sponge or brush is clean. Because of, unclean sponge or brush but the application will not be good.

7: Foundation of Wrong Tones

It is important to pay attention to the tone of the foundation as well as the foundation shade. Because, if your skin tone is yellow, then you apply the foundation of a pink tone. However, it will look dark on the skin. So it is important to know your skin tone first and buy a foundation accordingly.

Here are 7 easy ways to prevent the foundation from turning black. If you keep these tips in mind, I hope your foundation will not look black anymore.

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