Should you Opt in for a Slots Bonus?

With so many bonuses on offer, some players struggle when deciding what to choose. Whilst some don’t understand what bonuses are, there are other players who aren’t sure whether they should bother to opt into a Wizard slot bonus. 

Types of Bonuses Offered 

There are several types of slot bonuses that casinos offer, it is important to familiarise yourself with the different types of bonuses before making a decision on which bonus is for you. The following list is by no means exhaustive. 

Welcome Offer 

This bonus is reserved exclusively for newer players, it is a welcoming bonus that is meant to entice potential customers to join a casino site. Typically this bonus will be given once the player has deposited money into their account, however, there are certain types of no deposit slots where this isn’t required.

Cashback Offer 

This bonus will give players a certain percentage of their losses back. This bonus is ideal for players who seem to always end up losing their money. Players will be required to make a deposit into their account to trigger this bonus. Once a player has spent money on a slot, they will find that a percentage of their losses has been placed into their account. Players will find that they can immediately withdraw this amount or spend it on another slot. 

Cash Offer 

A common type of bonus, this is essentially casinos placing a small sum into your account. Usually done for two reasons, either a player has signed up to the site for the first time or it is used as a sort of loyalty bonus. Once the cash has been placed into your account you won’t be able to withdraw it and you’ll only be allowed to spend it on certain games. To withdraw any winnings that you get from this bonus, you’ll have to pass a certain threshold. The amount given is usually around five or ten pounds, rarely more than twenty pounds. 

Free Spins Offer 

Another of the most commonly used bonuses, instead of offering you free cash for your account this bonus instead just gives players free spins to use. These free spins are often limited and will only be allowed to use in certain games. Free spins are generally around twenty and are used on slots where it is unlikely that players will be able to trigger anything substantial although it does happen from time to time. 

Factors to Consider 

The advantages of slot bonuses should be clear to see, they give players a chance to enjoy slots and potentially win without spending any money. To fully take advantage of these offers, there are other factors that players should consider. Make sure you are familiar with the casino slot which is offering you the bonus and the house edge that the slot has over you. Also, be sure to look out for the wagering requirement which varies depending on the casino site you are using. 


What bonus you choose should be based on what sort of player you are. If you are a high roller than a free spins bonus isn’t going to do you much good, while if you prefer to spend frugally choosing the free spins bonus might be the way to go.

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