Shop Safely This Holiday Season

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Everyone needs a little cheer in their lives right now. The feeling of joy that comes with putting up your tree is encouraging many to deck the halls a little earlier than usual this year. With coronavirus crippling many businesses, the holiday boost in sales is definitely welcome. While shopping, however, it is important to think about the businesses you are visiting, and what they are doing to keep their shoppers’ safe. When entering your favorite store, there are some specific things that you should look for.

Wearing Masks

The most important way to limit the spread of coronavirus is by wearing a mask. All employees in the store should be wearing them. This is a visible indication that the business is committed to the safety of their customers. It also helps if the customers are asked to wear masks. If you come across another customer not wearing one, then keep your distance.

Safety at Registers

Check out the cash register area. Many businesses are investing in clear dividers, or sneeze guards, in order to limit the spread of germs. These dividers are placed between the customers and the cashier, and also may be in between each register. While you are waiting at the register, look down. Are there taped sections on the floor to space out customers? Lines in front of a popular store can turn into a cluster, and people stand there for a long time, so you want to make sure there is a 6-foot space in between you and the next person.

Look For New Procedures

Another less obvious way to determine the safety of a store is to observe what operations may have changed due to the pandemic. Many businesses are offering curbside pickup. Other places have implemented no contact checkouts. You can preview items, purchase them online, and then simply go pick them up. This limits the time needed to stay in a store and the number of people who need to go inside. Even if you want to stroll around and browse products, having this option for others will reduce interactions.

Disinfecting Stations

Numerous disinfectant stations are also a great sign. Most people will disinfectant their hands if it is right in front of them. There should be a bottle at the front doors and by the cash register. This encourages people to disinfect when they enter, when they pay and when they leave the store.

These actions, taken by business owners, show that they respect your safety and welcome the business. Try to shop in stores that follow these guidelines to be safe, and also to show appreciation for the extra investment the store has taken in everyone’s health.

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