Reasons for QuickBooks won’t Open or doesn’t start Error

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By John Wick

Accounting software has completely changed the way accounting activities are carried out in any firm. It helps to create financial reports, manage all the payrolls, or manage employees in an error-free way. All the complex accounting processes can be done with the help of a few clicks. Out of all the accounting software, Quickbooks has managed to stay on the top. Quickbooks is all-in-one accounting software that enables the user to perform different operations. You can keep track of your employees, manage the payroll of your employees, or even take care of all your current and future payments.

But won’t it be frustrating if the application does not start? Indeed it will be. This is one of the common errors that a user encounter. Sometimes Quickbooks application may not open on your system. This happens because the installation file is damaged or corrupted. This may also happen if you fail to install the application properly. Also, this error will then restrict you from opening the required company file and disrupt the flow of your work. 

It will be easier for you to get rid of the Quickbooks not opening if you know the reasons behind this issue. So, if you are facing the same issue, continue reading this article to know the symptoms, causes, and fixes of the issue.

Triggers of Quickbooks Not Opening Issue

Different issues may lead to Quickbooks doesn’t start issues. Below we have listed some factors which lead to this error.

  • The name of your Quickbooks file is more than the recommended size.
  • You have not completed the installation process of Quickbooks properly.
  • Also, there are chances that an important file like the QBWUSER.ini file is no more present on the system.
  • Next, you may face issues because of the corrupted hard disk
  • Lastly, it can also occur if you have not updated your operating system.

Signs of Quickbooks Won’t open Issue

All the reasons mentioned in the above section will only lead to the occurrence of the Quickbooks does not start and you may notice the following signs in your system. These will help you to identify the issue.

  • Your system may hang several times when you are working on the system.
  • You may fail to open the Quickbooks application on the system.
  • The system may respond slowly to the peripherals.
  • Your system stops when you attempt to open the Quickbooks file.
  • No updates are available for the Windows operating system.

Fixation Methods for Quickbooks Won’t Open Issue

Now, if you are facing Quickbooks won’t open issue, below we have provided all the solutions that you will have to follow to fix the issue. Make sure to follow all the methods properly on your system.

Method 1: Close QBW32.exe Process

  • For this, you will have to hover to the taskbar and then right-click on it.
  • You will then have to tap on the start option.
  • When done, you will have to hover to the processes tab.
  • Under this, you will have to tap on the Image Name header.
  • Now you will see all the processes listed in alphabetical order.
  • After this, you will have to look for the QBW32.exe process.
  • Click on it and choose to end it.

Method 2: Create New Admin User

  • For this, open the Control panel on the system.
  • Now, look for the User account option and then double-click on the same.
  • Under this, tap on the Manager user option.
  • When done, choose to add a user.
  • After this, you will have to make sure that you type all the admin credentials correctly. After typing, click on OK.
  • Now, you will have to choose the Administrator option.
  • To save the changes, tap on the Finish option.
  • When done, the User accounts window will open on the system.
  • Click on Ok and close the window.

Method 3: Use the Quickbooks Clean Install tool 

With the help of the clean installation of Quickbooks, you will be able to change the old folders. You can run Quickbooks clean install tool on the system using the Quickbooks tool hub. It will then create all the folders again on the system. The process includes uninstalling and installing the Quickbooks application again on the system.

Method 4: Fixing Installation Errors

  • To start with, you will have to start the Quickbooks tool hub on the system.
  • Now, in the tool hub window, you will have to click on the installation issues tab.
  • Under this tab, tap on the option for Quickbooks install diagnostic tool.
  • Wait for the tool to load and start on your system.
  • After this, wait for the process to complete. On completion, you will have to start your system again.
  • When done, you will have to open your Quickbooks company file and then check if you are facing the same issue.

Method 5: Suppressing Quickbooks

  • For this, you will have to look for the Quickbooks icon on the screen and then right-click on the same.
  • You will then have to hold the CRTL key on the keyboard and then choose an open option.
  • When done, keep holding the key until you see the NO company open window on the screen.
  • Now, when you will encounter an issue, you will have to leave the button.
  • After this, you will have to open the Quickbooks file.

Final Words

These are some efficient methods that you can use to fix the Quickbooks no opening issue. However, if the issue persists, you will have to talk to the Intuit experts. Hopefully, the article has helped you.