Quintrex 390 Outback Explorer the best Quintrex Explorer for charter

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Boating is the second nature of the Australian people. No Doubt! Boating and fishing is fun
activity, and who could understand more than the people of Australia. The country is filled with
beautiful and scenic beaches and boating points.

Many boat lovers and boat owners love to spend time on the aesthetic beaches and fishing.
Whether the Australians charter any boat or own any ship, they are always up for boating and

So what? Why say no to the perfect boating day when you have a lot of charter boat choices at
the coasts of Australia. You will get an enormous range of Quintrex Explorer charters at the
beaches of Brisbane and Queensland.

They have an extensive showroom where you can easily hire the best boat from their wide range
of Quintrex categories. The Quintrex 390 Outback Explorer is currently considered the best
choice for hiring purposes. It has all qualities that serve you well for a perfect boating and fishing

If you got your interest to spend a boat day at the shores of Brisbane, then let’s have an overview
of the features of Quintrex 390 Outback Explorer as it will be the best choice for you to enjoy
quality time at the shores of Brisbane. 

Here in this range, you still get three options as these ranges are categorized into three new
models 3.5m, 3.7m, and 3.9m lengths. All these models are best for you and rated topmost in the
reviews because of their enhanced qualities available at highly affordable rates. Don’t forget to check fishing charters fort myers


If we talk about the standard weight of the boat, then it is 117kg, and the Motor Weight is 85kg.
The hull length is 3.95m, and the hull weight is 116kg, with approximately 400 kilograms of
weight on the trailer and Evinrude E-TEC 30hp DFI two-stroke 30hp maximum engine power.
It has a Portable Fuel capacity, and the Maximum Length of the boat is 4.04.

The Beam length is 1.82m, and the ship’s depth is 870mm; also, it has the basic flotation standard. The Transom Shaft Length is LS along with 1.6mm top sides alloy, 1.6mm bottom sides alloy, and 1.60mm
transom Material. It has a maximum five-person capacity that carries a full 555kg load.  If we
talk about the interior layout, it has the following new updates.

Forked bow structure\design 

It has a forked bow design that has been structured in the best way with the forked bow shape
that gives you the best no-fuss fishing and allows a fantastic boating experience.
Although there are no new updates, you can still get Roomy, easy handle, and stable dry rides.
You can have this as a companion for long days because it has a Traditional two-thwart layout
with ample move-about and storage space. 

Maximum storage 

The upfront seat of the thwart and casting deck has a more expansive space and size as compared
to the previous models. Due to its interior, it gives you maximum storage. The new update gives
you enough storage space beneath the optional casting deck.

Moreover, you also get extra space for the safety gear, clothing bags, and towels because the new
update had a new battery fixation under the forward platform. If we look on the Forward of the
casting deck, you will also get a parcel shelf that foam as an anchor well when doubled up. 

The shelf is all carpeted to avoid damaging the Aluminum and provide you with spacious
storage. If we look upon the other side of the bow structure, it is included with the grab and carry
handle that works as the safety handle or hanging handle. 

While reviewing the Quintrex 390 outback explorer, it is observed that it has different and new
innovative features that give you the best boating experience;

Glove Box

The glove box is essential during traveling to store small things safely. The small storage area is
fixated in the dashboard of the boat deck and allows the rider to keep things over there. 

Anchor Gusset

Anchor gusset is an excellent feature that is edited in the boat as it helps the ship be sustainable
during the turbulent water. The Quintrex had an Anchor Gusset that allowed the rider to wouldn’t
drift into the sea. 

Fighter Series Hull

The fighter series hull is specially designed for heavy-duty purposes. This feature is the most
impressive feature that attracts all buyers, including new boaters and old boat lovers. Its also
known as the game-changer because of its F series. 

Handle Bow

The handle bow features were highly in demand, so the Handle bow is edited in the model for
consideration. It is used to carry and pull the wheels also. It needs to connect the handle for the
inflatable to the trailer winch hook. 

Handles Transom

This feature addition is a new innovative game-changing idea that makes the stern of the boat
vigorous. It is placed on the thick surface at the back of the boat surface. It is primarily featured
in modern ships, such as its added in the F series of Quintrex.

Bow rails

With the help of Bow rails, you will enjoy the best experience of the dry-up rides. It also
enhanced the length and shape of the boat. 

Side Rails

It simply makes the boat look finer and sharper. It also enhanced the ship’s beauty by perfectly
blending the inner and outer sides of the ship. 

Benches for Seating 

The benches are added to the boat for more seating space to make it roomier and sturdier. With
the help of benching seating, you can enjoy your boating ride with your other fellows, too, as it
takes less space in the opposite of optional seats. So the Quintrex F series gives you the best
experience of boating with its bench seating. 

Final words

Now I guess it’s clear that the Quintrex 390 outback is the best choice for charters who want high
storage and high performing boats for the best boating experience as it has game-changing
innovative features along with the quality manufactured material. So what are you waiting for?
Book your ride!