Qualities That Make a Product The Best BCAA Supplement

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By Kaleem Ullah

BCAAs are abbreviations for Branched Chain Amino Acids. These supplements are abundant in the amino acids with branched structures namely Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine. The BCAAs are among the 20 essential amino acids. This means they are not made by the human body itself and thus must be obtained through diet. This adds to their significance. Luckily, there are now countless best BCAA supplements available in the local market.

There are certain ingredients and ratios that make a BCAA the best around. We look at these qualities in detail.


Amnio Acid Ratios

The ratio in which leucine, isoleucine and valine are incorporated in a supplement is important. The ideal ratio is 2:1:1 of leucine to valine and isoleucine. This is because leucine has key functions in muscle synthesis. This may make people think that since leucine is the main muscle building protein, it can be used in an isolated form. However, in reality, the combination of the three amino acid is more effective than leucine alone. Isoleucine enhances fat burning.

Valine, too, has its exclusive significant functions to perform. It reduces tryptophan levels in the brain. This function prevents conversion of tryptophan to serotonin, which in turn stimulates feelings of fatigue and tiredness in people. Therefore, with inhibition of tryptophan, valine maintains energy and focus which is important to keep you going during a hard training session.

Having said that, the ratio is still of significance. The best BCAA supplement has 2:1:1 ratio for maximized efficiency.


Amino Acids per Serving

Different BCAA supplements offer different BCAAs in each serving. A common perception is that the more BCAA, better the supplement. In reality, the need for BCAA in each supplement varies according to individual needs. A regular gym goer may not need 6 or 7 grams of BCAA. They might need only a gram or maybe even half.

On the other hand, an elite trainer or hard gainer may need seven or more grams of BCAA every day. Therefore, this need varied from person to person. It is best to always consult with a fitness trainer or physician before starting best BCAA supplements to determine which product is best suited to your needs.


Ingredient Profile

Although all BCAA supplements have, well, BCAA, there are other ingredients in some supplements too. Some BCAA supplements have electrolytes to replenish the electrolytes lost with sweat during exercise, or may have other components such as fat burners, caffeine or other weight loss components. While these ingredients are harmless and usually offer the added benefits, the best BCAA supplement will have measured and balanced amounts of other ingredients. BCAAs aimed simply at providing amino acids contains only the needed compounds.


Tests and Verifications

Tests and verifications are the best way of trying out a product for efficacy, and identify any problems. Many brands and manufacturers take pride in their products being third party tested while some brand such as MuscleTech tests its products before advertising them. This adds to the buyer’s reliability and trust in their buy.


Retailer or Shop

Although it may not sound like a big deal, but products vary greatly with their sellers. Some sellers stock low quality products and sell them under the deceptive label of low prices. A certified retailer and distributor always brings and delivers only the best BCAA supplements and other products, without compromising on quality. Although such products may be on the higher price range, it is more important to preserve health than a few bucks.


BCAAs are the ultimate answer for all those looking to gain some healthy muscle without putting on unwanted weight or fat. BCAAs are pure protein that target the skeletal muscles in particular. Among hundreds of BCAAs advertising their products with guarantees of promising results. Picking the one that suits individual needs the most can be quite a task.

Always shop for supplements from a trusted and certified store such a NutroJenix to save your money and your health.