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Online poker vs live poker is a debate that never ends. In 2021, amidst the current unfortunate circumstances, there has been a huge online poker boom. A lot of live players have migrated online facing a lack of options. This begs the question, is this a temporary change or does online truly offer a better experience of poker than live poker? Although the social appeal of live cannot be denied, we believe the future favors live quite a bit, let’s look at four undeniable pros of online poker that make live poker feel old and archaic. 

Something for everybody-When playing live, your casino needs to have a stake you can afford, and if doesn’t. You need to go to another physical location. It also needs to be offering the games you are interested to play in the first play, a NLHE tournament grinder has (usually)no interest in PLO cash games. On the other hand, most poker websites online offer games for every stake with the major platforms having games running every hour with buy-ins ranging from a coffee at Starbucks to an Audi. At peak hours, there are waiting lists.

You also have every format and variant under the sun being played. And if you don’t find something all you have to do is log onto another platform and voila; tons of games running again. There is no dearth of choice online, even okay poker players can make serious money with good game selection online. After all it doesn’t matter if you are the sixth-worst player in the world if you are playing the five worst players in the world!

Automated and optimized

Online poker games are majorly automated. They are optimized to make sure you spend the most time playing and as little as possible time waiting to be dealt with. Because the dealing is done based on a highly sophisticated algorithm, misdeals don’t happen. The button automatically moves with the hand, removing the possibility of human error that dealers are prone to.

Furthermore, you will be saving the time wasted arranging and exchanging chips as the algorithm does a perfect distribution automatically in every. deal. Your annoyed dealer won’t have to ask you to put your big blind or small blind as the algorithm automatically places the big and small blind. You get a true shuffle every hand with a certified R.N.G. All of these optimizations make games online more efficient and quicker, leading to a faster poker experience with high-speed action.


You can occasionally find a freeroll running at your local casino but if you are looking to build a bankroll with no investment, it is impossible to do so playing live poker. Major poker websites like Spartan poker and PokerBaazi offer freerolls that run every hour. You can play with no investment for real money, every hour! (We have awesome signup bonuses for them at PokerLauncher btw). This is the most reliable way to become a profitable poker player without risking being a losing player and keeping your return on investment high regardless of luck.

When you signup or deposit, you get auto-registered to signup and deposit freerolls with much bigger prize pools. Freerolls are not only a great way to make a bit of cash but also learn the game. Just make sure you play them seriously as if it was real money; because if you run deep in a freeroll and I.T.M. It will be! If you grind freerolls on all platforms that offer them a decent strategy. It will be insanely profitable for you; something that was not even thought to be possible in the live era of poker.

Better deals and bonuses

A free transparent virtual market makes pricing more competitive and deals more enticing. When playing live you would thank your stars if you could so much as so get a deal in the first place, Rakeback was for regulars only. Comps were VIP exclusive and if you asked for a signup bonus at the casino, they will point you to the open bar and that’s your signup bonus, losing buying by playing drunk trash poker.

In the online landscape though, you get an amazing signup bonus from multiple poker rooms along with competitive Rakeback and insane value promotions running on a daily basis. In general, the deals you get are not only higher value when compared to live but also compared to the online offering 5 years ago. On Poker Launcher, for example, we have amazing signup bonuses for all ethical Indian poker sites along with exclusive relationships that let us provide you industry-leading Rakeback, this would not be feasible in a live at the environment, there is simply more value to be had in life.

Live is a social experience; there is no way of poker as authentic as sitting down at a table with a chip stack; looking at your opponents while you play, you get to travel and enjoy the finest locations and dining. But if you are looking to play poker seriously as per your convenience and preference; online is the only road home.

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