Prepare Application For Unmarried Certificate in Pakistan (2022) by Lawyer

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By John Wick

Unmarried Certificate:

Unmarried certificate is a proof of unmarried status issued by the government authorities after checking the personal identity, age and marital status.

How to Get Unmarried Certificate in Pakistan:

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What is Unmarried Certificate:

Unmarried Certificate Pakistan is a legal document given by the government to a single person or person without spouse. It confirms that you are unmarried and do not have any marital status. In this article, we will provide you the procedure to apply for an uncertified copy of your NADRA form in Pakistan with the fees and documents required.

Proper Procedure of Unmarried Certificate Pakistan:

Find out how to get Unmarried Certificate in Pakistan by following the proper procedure of Unmarried Certificate Pakistan. Know the fees of Unmarried Certificate Pakistan and prepare all nessesary documents before taking a step further.

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Unmarried Certificate Fees in Pakistan:

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Unmarried Certificate is a legal document issued by the government of Pakistan to acknowledge that you are single and do not intend to marry. The certificate should be authenticated in order for it to be accepted at any federal and/or international level.

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Unmarried & No Marriage Record Certificate:

Unmarried certificate or No marriage record Certificate is a document issued by the government to find out whether a person has been married previously. * This is an important document which proves that you have not been married before. * When you are applying for passport, visa, job etc., you will often be asked if you are married or not. * If your spouse does not sign the documents required for your application then this certificate can prove to be useful.