Premium Leather Belts: All You Need to Know

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By Kaleem Ullah


People utilise belts to keep their pants in place because of the pressure they apply on their belts around their waists. A piece of rope may double as men’s belts in an emergency! It may also be used to transport items. For example, consider Batman with his utility belt, or a guy who wishes to carry a gun under his clothing. Most belts, on the other hand, are only for show. The buckle and the strap are often seen on the majority of belts. 

In addition to the keeper loop and/or end tip. In addition to providing additional security, the belt’s endpoint may also make buckling that much more straightforward. It might be tough to differentiate between belts with a fixed buckle and those that allow you to swap out the strap. The chape is the component of the buckle that connects it to the strap.

Calf and Cow

The most popular kind of leather used to make belts is cowhide, which comes in a variety of colours and textures:

  • In terms of appearance and durability, full-grain leather is the greatest, while calfskin is the sturdiest. Full-grain calfskin is the best material for formal belts.
  • Frame-style buckles and braided leather construct very adjustable belts: the prong may be placed in any of the braid’s holes. Braided leather in various colours is ideal for a more laid-back summer style, while monochromatic braided leather looks best with a sports coat.
  • Tooling, a stamping procedure that leaves patterns on the leather, is used to adorn tooled leather. These designs are typically dyed to make them stand out. For example, tooled belts look great with a pair of trousers and a button-down shirt.
  • Casual belts may also be made of suede. This leather is less long-lasting than full-grain leather, although it’s more common to find a full-grain leather backing.

Leathers of the World

All exotic leathers are casual but may be dressed up with a dark hue, like black, to make them more formal. Ostrich belts have a striking appearance, with pockmarks left by the feathers — think of them as the world’s most giant and most fashionable plucked chicken. They’re in great demand, so expect to pay a lot for one. Among the most expensive belts are those made of lizards, crocodiles, and alligator skins.

Materials Not Listed Above

It’s a casual material that helps you stand out with bright colours and striking patterns, and it’s often matched with a frame buckle. Using a leatherback ribbon belt with your sailing, golf, or boat shoes is excellent.

  • The military has long used canvas as a belt material. Rather than being utilised for fashion belts, it’s more often seen in utilitarian styles.
  • Another valuable material for outdoor activities is webbing. D ring buckles are the most common. However, they may be found in various colours and designs.
  • Rope belts, often worn by ladies, are also popular among sailors. Knot and loop closures are a more preppy option than buckles, but they’re also more durable, easier to clean, and take more of a soak than leather.


Even though there is some overlap between the two types, men’s formal belts and men’s casual belts are distinct. For suits and business clothes, dress belts are the way to go. Anything from jeans to shorts can pair with a simple belt. The buckle on men’s belts is often a tiny frame. The buckle on a casual belt may be anything as long as it matches the overall look of the clothing.