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Pick the right boxes for your home relocation

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By John Wick

It’s time to organize the items you need for your home move. You will need boxes for your move. They come in many sizes and shapes. Many of them can be used for different kinds of items. A reputable moving company can help you determine the right boxes for each item.

A practical and economical method to increase your residential or commercial space is to put your confidence in a reputable, well-secured storage facility, whether relocating your house or business, remodeling your property, or running out of storage. Below are some of the tips for choosing boxes for your relocation. 

Small-sized Moving Boxes

Small cardboard boxes can be useful for smaller items such as books or canned goods. They can be used to group small items. These items can be the stationary items or cosmetics or may be medicines, but be sure to mark names on the boxes. 

Moving boxes of medium size

These cardboard boxes are versatile. These boxes can be used to transport many different items. You should, however, be sure to follow the weight restrictions printed on the Box.

Large-Sized Moving Boxes

Large cardboard boxes can be used to transport bulky or lightweight items. You can fit things like pillows, comforters, and stuffed animals. 

Wardrobe Box

A wardrobe box is best if you need a container to store your clothes. The wardrobe box has a metal rod that allows you to hang your clothes as in a closet. It will preserve the crisp appearance of your formal wear and other clothes.

Mattresses Bags & Boxes

These boxes come in plastic packaging to protect your box spring and mattress from dirt during a move. Durable mattress bags and mattress boxes are worth the extra expense. Some even have handles for easy carrying.

Large Picture/Mirror box

Mirror boxes and large picture frames are made to protect wall art or mirrors. Many have handles to allow a home mover to transport large items easily.

Dish Pack Box

This cardboard moving box comes with dividers that can be used to separate fragile or small items. Glassware, dishes, or other fragile items can be packed easily.

Electronics Box

This Box will have thicker walls. This makes it ideal for large electronics such as sound systems and desktop computers/monitors.

TV Box

This cardboard box can hold large flat-screen TVs. These boxes are useful for household moving companies and allow long-distance movers to protect your TVs while transported.

Extra Tall Box

You can also use the boxes to transport your taller, narrower items. With the extra tall Box, you can move things like floor lamps, golf clubs, fishing gear, and more.

Do not forget to fill the Box.

You might have an office at home where you keep organized files and documents. Instead of leaving them behind during the move, you can transport them in a file box.

Custom Crates

Talk to a professional Packing service about custom-built wood crates if you have items that are not possible with standard boxes. This is an excellent solution for awkward or large items such as antique furniture and sculptures.

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