PIA Crashed Plane last Checked on March 21, returned from Muscat a day ago

The Engineering and Maintenance Department of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has released a summary of the technical information of the Airbus A-320 passenger plane that crashed in Karachi yesterday.

The plane crashed in a crowded area near Karachi Airport, killing 91 passengers and eight crew members, of whom 97 died, while two survived and are being treated in hospitals.

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According to the summary, the plane was last checked on March 21 and the crashed plane returned from Muscat a day ago brought passengers to Lahore.

The report added that there were no defects in the aircraft’s engine, landing gear, or aircraft system. The summary said that the condition of both the engines was satisfactory and their maintenance was checked before the break.

The plane is able to fly

The report revealed that the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had declared the aircraft valid for flight by November 5, 2020.

Sources said that the first Airbus A320-200 Certificate of Flight Capability (Air Ordnance) was issued from November 6, 2014, to November 5, 2105, and thereafter the certificate was issued after a thorough inspection of the aircraft every year.

It may be recalled that the federal government had formed a committee to investigate the plane crash yesterday. The team will be led by Air Commodore Muhammad Usman Ghani, President, Aircraft Accident and Investigation Board (AAIB).

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Other members of the investigation team will include AAIB Additional Director Technical Investigation Wing Commander Malik Muhammad Imran, Pakistan Air Force Camera Safety Board Investigator Group Captain Tauqeer, and Board Joint Director ATC Nasir Majeed.

The notification states that the investigative team will have powers under sub-rule one of Rule 273 of the Civil Aviation Rules 1994, which will submit its report to the Aviation Division within a minimum period of one month.

Earlier, Pakistan Karachi: Pakistan Airlines Pilots Association (PALPA) had demanded an investigation into the PIA plane crash with the participation of international organizations.

Palpa also suggested a technical investigation into the condition of the plane and said investigators must consider the working conditions of the ground staff and crew.

He demanded that the International Civil Aviation Organization and the International Federation of Airline Pilots Associations be included in the investigation.

Captain Imran Narejo, General Secretary, Pakistan Airlines Pilots Association, had said that he would not accept the way the investigation was conducted in the past and would not accept an inquiry into the accident without the involvement of Palpa.

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Imran Narejo said that by following the internationally recognized air safety rules, Palpa tries to avoid such unfortunate accidents so that Pakistan’s airspace can be made safe for flights.

“We appeal to the PIA administration and the government to immediately order an inquiry into the accident and submit a report as soon as possible,” he said.

‘Pilots and crew well-qualified’

Speaking at a press conference last night, PI Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Arshad Malik said that the pilots and crew of Flight PK8303 were capable. “Accidents happen but our pilots are trained for this kind of situation, all kinds of necessary inspections are done on the planes,” he said.

Arshad Malik had said that my pilots were competent and their medical tests were also complete, the crew was also complete and the aircraft was also thoroughly inspected. According to a report by Radio Pakistan, Arshad Malik had said that the crashed plane was technically perfect for flying.

He added that any aircraft is given clearance to fly after ensuring all kinds of technical checks. The CEO of PIA had said that the Safety Investigation Board would investigate the plane crash. He said that it is my responsibility and you have the right to get this information.

‘Plane attempted landing twice’

Ejaz Masih, an eyewitness to the accident, said that the plane tried to land twice but its wheels were not coming out and the pilot turned the plane back before it touched you and the runway.

“The plane tried to land a second time. I saw an engine coming out of the fire because it was rubbing off the runway. It didn’t come back a third time but crashed,” he said.

Ejaz Masih added that he was assisting the PIA Emergency Response Unit in Model Colony where the plane collided with residential buildings and several people were injured.

“I still remember the individual number ‘BLD’ painted on the side of the plane,” he said. Eyewitnesses said the Airbus 320 apparently tried to land two to three times before crashing.


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