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Park View City Islamabad: What You Need To Know

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By John Wick


PVC Islamabad is the most successful and beautiful project that has been approved its NOC by Capital Development Authority. It has both residential and commercial categories of plots. The owners of the project have launched other successful projects making it a trustworthy place for investment.

Owners and Developers

The owner of PVC Islamabad is Mr. Aleem Khan, who is a famous politician. The project is developed by Vision Group, a prominent group of real estate in the country. They have completed other projects successfully. Some of them are as follows:


The No Objection Certificate (NOC) has been approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). PVC Islamabad is one of the few societies that has acquired NOC from the authorities. This further adds to the validity and authenticity of the housing society.


Investors always look at the location of a project before they invest in it. If the location is prime and serene, people not only buy plots for commercial purposes but also for residential purposes. Park View City Islamabad is located near the green hills and lake. PVC Islamabad is 10-minute drive away from Serena Hotel. This can be accessed from Kurri Road and Banigala as well. The botanical gardens and green hills add to the beauty of this society.

Nearby Locations

The nearby locations also matter a lot. There are some famous government and non-government institutions nearby PVC Islamabad. Some of them are listed below:

  • NIH
  • NCRD
  • Iqra University
  • Islamabad Club
  • Pak-China Friendship Center
  • A. R. C
  • Rawal Dam
  • Bani Gala Police Station


Park View City Islamabad is divided into various blocks. They are as follows:

  • Park View City A & B Blocks
  • Park View City Overseas Block
  • Park View City Golf Estate
  • Park View City Commercial Overseas Block
  • PVC Downtown
  • PVC The Walk
  • Park View City Hills Estate

Payment Plan

There is a variety of categories and the sizes of plots offered by Park View City Islamabad. Anyone can invest in the housing society as per their reasonability and affordability. Residential and commercial division is done on the basis of blocks.

Residential plots are of sizes 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal and are available in Park View City Gulf Estate and Park View City Overseas Block. In both the blocks, booking starts at 25%. In case of payment of lump sum amount, a discount of 5% will be given.

In the commercial category, different sizes of plots are available in various blocks. In the Park View City Overseas Commercial Block, with a booking of 25%, plots of 5 Marla are available. Similarly, in the Commercial Downtown, plots of 8 Marla, and in The Walk, plots of 1 Kanal, are available with a booking starting from 20%. 5% discount is offered on the payment of lump sum amount.

There is an easy and affordable installment plan in which you can pay your amount in 8 quarterly installments in all the blocks except Downtown block. In Downtown block, the plan is of 6 quarterly installments.

For the category plots, such as corner plots or plots facing the parks, you will have to pay an extra amount of 10%.

Park View City payment plan
Park View City payment plan

Features and Amenities

The developers always put their efforts to provide the best quality facilities and amenities to their investors. The development process is in full zeal to ensure the comfort of the residents. Some of the features of Park View City Islamabad are as follows:


To fulfill the religious duty, 3-4 Kanal mosque is in the development stage. This will provide the people a chance to perform their religious duties.


PVC aims to give up-to-the-mark medical facilities to its residents. The people would need not to leave the housing society in case of any medical emergency.


Provision of education is the primary need of every society. Park View City Islamabad plans to build schools where high-quality education will be given to the students.

24/7 Availability of Water, Gas, and Electricity

The basic needs like water, gas, and electricity will be available 24/7 without any hindrance.

Gated community

The boundary of Park View City is covered with walls. It is a gated community ensuring the safety of the residents and society itself.

Commercial Walk

In order to give a unique shopping experience, PVC plans to introduce a commercial walk where traffic would not be allowed. This will give a fantastic shopping experience to the residents.


Children and elders need some space and time to relax their mind. Parks will be built in a society where the children will play and elders will get a chance to enjoy their leisure time with friends and family.


The safety and security of any housing society is the foremost priority of any developer. To keep the people and society protected, CCTV cameras will be on surveillance 24/7. This will ensure the security of people and create deterrence among the criminals.

Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens not only add to the beauty of society but will also help in increasing the soil fertility. This is a unique feature of PVC Islamabad.

Park View City Apartments

To give society a modern look, apartments will be built in the society. They will be furnished with all kinds of modern facilities such as spas, swimming pools, and gyms.

Why Invest in Park View City Islamabad?

PVC Islamabad is NOC approved society with a prime location. The facilities offered by the developers compel the people to invest and reside in the housing society. The easy and reasonable installment plans make Park View City a comfortable option for investors. The variety of plots sizes and blocks are some of the reasons people should invest in Park View City Islamabad.


Park View City Islamabad provides the best chance of investment to the people of the twin cities and other people living in the surroundings. The location and facilities makes it a priority of investors to invest in this beautiful and serene housing society. It is a legal housing society. Visit Anzo Marketing located at Jinnah Avenue, D-Chowk, Blue Area for booking your plot in PVC or any other society.