How to Ensure Optimal Health of the Mother and Baby during Pregnancy

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By John Wick

If you are ready to don a brand-new hat in your life and have been trying to get pregnant or are already pregnant, there are several factors to look out for. The period of pregnancy introduces lots of ups and downs, highs and lows, most of which are foreign to the would-be mother and the father.

However, one thing that’s irrevocably constant in the whole process is to ensure the optimal health of both the mother and the developing fetus.

This article will explore all the top tips you should keep in mind throughout the entire period of pregnancy for optimal health and emotional well-being.

1. Never Skip out on Pre-natal Vitamin

When it comes to consulting a pregnancy doctor near me, one factor that’s irrefutable is the prenatal vitamin. If you are actively trying for a baby, your gynecologist will put you on the necessary prenatal vitamins to ensure the optimal health of the fetus.

Since prenatal vitamins play a crucial role in the neural tube development in the fetus, taking it while trying for a baby or right after a confirmed pregnancy is quintessential. Prenatal vitamins contain nutrients like folic acid, calcium, and iron, all of which are mandatory for the overall physical health of the mother and the fetus.

2. Stay Active

Unless it’s a very high-risk pregnancy that demands bed rest, staying active throughout the pregnancy is actually amazing for both the mother and the fetus. From boosting blood circulation to relieving stress, a pregnant woman can draw a lot of benefits from exercising throughout the period of pregnancy.

From pilates to yoga, there are different types of pregnancy-safe exercises that are considered ideal for pregnant women who want to keep themselves in their best shape – both physically and emotionally.

Also, including kegel exercises are considered perfect to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles for easy and comfortable delivery and also prevent risks of involuntary urination or bowel movement.

3. Eliminate Ill Habits

Irrespective of how your lifestyle was pre-pregnancy, a lot of things change when you get pregnant. Since the developing fetus is extremely sensitive, the last thing you want to do is exacerbate an otherwise delicate situation.

Hence, ill habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, eating junk food, doing drugs, etc. are not ideal at all during pregnancy. Not only do they affect the mother’s health, they also lead to direct risks of miscarriages, preterm birth or fetal death.

All of these risks can be minimized and avoided entirely if you make conscious decisions to take care of your health and that of your baby.

4. Be Regular with the Appointments

Consulting the best gynecologist in Delhi isn’t just a statement piece, it’s a necessity to ensure that you are in the hands of a professional who can keep track of your pregnancy and also diagnose any risks before they take a turn for the worse.

Hence, being consistent with every doctor’s appointment and tracking the growth and development of the fetus is also an essential part of ensuring optimal health of both the baby and the mother throughout the pregnancy period.

5. Be Mindful of Over-the-counter Medications

OTC or over-the-counter medications are generally safe to take without a doctor’s prescription. However, when you are pregnant, things are a lot more sensitive than you think. Hence, being careful and mindful of which medications you are taking is vital.

Even if it’s a standard medication for your headache, it is ideal you discuss your options with your doctor and get clear before taking the medications.

We mention this because normal OTC medications like ibuprofen reportedly enhance the risks of miscarriages during pregnancy. So, the last thing you want is to make things worse for you or your baby unknowingly.

6. Focus on your Comfort

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience but it is equally exhausting on the mother’s body and mind. Growing a human being is not an easy task, especially because it comes with a lot of hormonal imbalances, acute physiological complications, and a whole lot of physical discomfort.

The best way to overcome these complications is to focus on finding the balance. If you are uncomfortable in your pre-pregnancy clothes, buy new ones that are comfortable and not constricting. Ensuring and prioritizing your comfort during such a rough time is essential for a smoother experience throughout the pregnancy.

7. Focus on Hydration

If you didn’t know, a mother’s blood volume increases by 50% during pregnancy. This means that your body needs more hydration than normal.

To support that gain, drinking more water is a primal requirement. Besides that, pregnancy also elevates complaints of indigestion, constipation, and urinary tract infections, all of which can be prevented or managed if you drink enough water throughout the day.

Ideally, you want to drink 8-10 glasses of water each day. However, every person’s body is different and the physiological demands are different. So, discuss what you need with your doctor.

8. Switch up Snacks

As you cut down caffeine from your diet during your pregnancy, how do you match up your snacking needs? Healthy snacks like fruits and nuts make a great inclusion to your diet.

Not only are they healthy and filling, but fruits are also loaded with natural sugars, which can rejuvenate your energy levels throughout the day.

9. Focus on Resting

Pregnancy comes with a lot of challenges – both physical and emotional. However, nothing compares to the chaos that comes after pregnancy. You and your partner will be subject to a lot of sleepless nights, and a lack of rest and energy.

So, while you can, soak in the peace and the calm. Prioritize getting at least 8 hours of quality sleep through the night. It’s irreplaceable and something you need to keep yourself and your baby in their best health.


Being pregnant comes with a lot of physical, emotional, and physiological changes. You might be aware of some but then you might be hit with a lot of other emotions that are entirely out of your control. Prioritizing living a healthy life is beneficial not just for the developing fetus but also for the mother.

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