Which is the best Fortnite setting by Mongraal?

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By John Wick

Kyle Jackson, known as Mongraal is popular for his extraordinary performance in competitive games such as Fortnite, Valorant etc. He streams his Fortnite gameplay on twitch and uploads highlights on youtube that makes people wonder about Fortnite settings by Mongraal. 

Although skills and daily training made him a pro player, his Fortnite settings and peripherals allowed him to reach a massive audience. If you’re aiming to become like Mongraal and wish to copy his settings, streaming setup, etc. this article will help.

Get to Know Mongraal

Getting signed by a professional team at the age of 13, dominating Fortnite and other competitive games, there is very much to know about Mongraal.

Before we explore Mongraal Fortnite Settings to become like him, have a look at Mongraal’s biography. 

Professional Name Mongraal
Full Name Kyle Jackson
Date of Birth 13 August 2004
Place of Birth Kent, England, United Kingdom
Gender Male
Nationality British
Religion Christian
Weight 78 kg
Height 5 ft 9-inch
Marital Status Unmarried
Zodiac Sign Leo
Profession YouTuber, Twitch and professional player
Net Worth $3.2 million

Keybinds used by Mongraal in Fortnite

Mongraal Fortnite settings include its keybinds that help improve player’s reaction time and help keep their gameplay more engaging.

Stairs Wall Use
Mouse 4 Mouse 5 3 / MW Up
Roof Floor Trap
L-Shift DPI Button (N) C
Inventory Crouch Map
L-Alt L-Ctrl Tab
Confirm Edit on Release Reload / Rotate Harvesting Tool
– Off MW Button / 5 Q
Building Edit Weapon Slot 1 Weapon Slot 2
F / MW Down 2 E
Weapon Slot 3 Weapon Slot 4 Weapon Slot 5
R 4 X

Video Settings that Mongraal Uses in Fortnite

To experience Mongraal gameplay, you can use his Fortnite Video Settings that help him spot enemies with ease.

Windowed Mode Frame Rate Limit Resolution
Fullscreen 240 FPS 1920×1080
Brightness Color Blind Mode Interface Contrast
88% Off 1x
Graphics Quality
Shadows View Distance Textures
Off Far Low
Anti-Aliasing Post Processing Effects
Off Low Low
Advanced Graphics
Motion Blur Allow Multi Rendering VSync
Off On Off
Rendering Mode
Performance (High Meshes)

What Mouse Setting Mongraal uses in Fortnite

Whether it’s Tfue Fortnite Settings or any other players, the reason they track down their enemies precisely is because of mouse settings and sensitivity. 

DPI X-Axis Sensitivity Y-Axis Sensitivity
1600 7% 7%
Hz Target Sensitivity Scope Sensitivity
1000 33% 33%

An In-depth look at Mongraal’s Gaming Setup

As we explored the settings that help Mongraal excel in Fortnite, let’s check out Mongraal’s gaming setup that helps him perform at his best in competitive games. 

1: Graphics Card – MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2080 TI

Competitive games offer 240Hz support to players that lead to smoother gameplay and better movements. It requires a 240Hz monitor and a GPU that can unleash its full potential.

Mongraal uses the MSI GeForce GTX 2080 TI GPU to take advantage of higher frame rates and get an exceptional gaming experience.

Even though the RTX 2080 TI is overkill for average gamers, it’s future-proofed and also helps you avoid upgrading your hardware for years.

2: CPU – Intel Core I9-9900K

Getting high FPS depends on GPU as well as on CPU. If your PC is not powered by a capable CPU, its performance will suffer and as a result, you will get fewer frames.

Mongraal relies on Intel Core I9-9900K. It features a base frequency of 3.5 GHz and can be increased to 4.3 – 5 GHz with Intel’s Turbo Boost. 


Motherboards are crucial in various factors such as overclocking, memory speed etc. Mongraal relies on ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-E to get the full potential of his gaming elements.

Its 5-way optimization and gaming connectivity is a boon for gamers. Furthermore, its heat sink design can reduce the temperature drastically and help you play more.


For multi-tasking and lag-free gaming, a gaming setup must include high performing RAM. The VENGEANCE RGB PRO is DDR4 type memory that lights up your system with stunning RGB lighting and provides unmatched performance.

Mongraal PC includes this RAM due to its performance and aluminum heat spreader that provides better thermal conductivity while overclocking the processor.

Why does Mongraal use a 2nd PC for streaming?

Almost every big gamer uses a 2nd PC for streaming, not because it’s necessary but it comes with high advantages.

  1. The streaming process is very intensive and needs considerable CPU power and RAM that can affect the gameplay. So when you start streaming on a 2nd PC, the gaming PC will not be affected.
  2. Since the stream remains live, if any trouble occurs on the gaming PC due to the streaming process such as unexpected pop-ups, it will affect the streaming as well as your gameplay.

Wrapping Up

We hope the data provided here assists you to discover the Fortnite settings of Mongraal and become a pro like Mongraal. Our research team has analyzed the internet and has presented you with the most accurate settings used by Mongraal.