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Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Upholstery

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By John Wick

It is time that you dodge some common cleaning bloopers and helps your beloved fabric furnishings look their best and charming. Well, furnished furniture is one of the biggest investments for many of you homeowners. You may as well grab the responsibility that comes with upkeeping the material so that it actually lasts a good, long time and while. 

It is time that you do not simply defer to your routine general cleaners or make use of the same cleaning methods irrespective of the material. Instead, take a closer peep at the manufacturer’s guidelines before you even start scrubbing down, and dodge the following common mistakes. After all, cleaning upholstery is effective only once done properly.

Never Scrub – just begin with Blotting Liquid Spills

Use a good absorbent cloth to first blot at spills and then simply moisture to swiftly absorb it. This is going to help reduce the chance that the stain is going to get rubbed in. And it is going to help to gather the liquid that’s soaking into that foam layers underneath the upholstery. The more liquid you may absorb with blotting, the less internal harm that happens to your beloved furnishings.

Check the Manuals 

Never ignore the owner’s manual and always ensure that you look for information about your upholstered items. This data could be in a care pamphlet delivered with the specific product, or an even tag sewn into a seam, and it must inform you what it is formed up of, and how to properly clean the material. Following are some of the common codes discovered on labels:

  • S: make use of only a dry cleaner detergent.
  • WS: Use a slight detergent with a steam vacuum or that of a dry-cleaning detergent
  • X: Use a vacuum only. No need to use water.
  • W: You may use water to clean your stuff.

Trying Steam Clean Hard Stains

You could expect that you may just have to live with the dirty and filthy armrests or dried spills for the time of a seat’s existence, but steam cleaning is somewhat relatively effective at lifting that of overall embedded dirt from your fabric. You may likely discover that your steam mop for the floors is somewhat an acceptable tool for this task – mainly if it comes with a proper detail cleaning attachment. Always make sure that you use a low-heat setting, and test in an unobtrusive spot to ensure that the fabric does not really have an unexpectedly negative sort of reaction to the heat. Do not use any sort of steam heat on the upholstery that may be made of – or possess – silk. 

Avoid using Plain Water to Clean Microfiber Surfaces

Water may head to dried watermarks and spots on microfiber upholstery. Rubbing alcohol is definitely better for cleaning microfiber. Just apply it with a spray bottle, and you can use a dry, clean sort of cloth to lift the stain as it loosens up. 


So, along with looking for sofa cover design ideas, it is also essential to explore the best options for cleaning upholstery, make sure that you keep the discussed mistakes in mind. Once you dodge them, you make sure that you get the perfect outcomes.