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Sunny Trip to Miami: 5 Valuable Tips for Travelers

When it’s hard to quench your thirst for traveling around the USA with the trivial routes, look at the southeast of the country, and especially Miami.

Despite the image of vulgarity that has developed around its party people, Miami is a multi-sided city where Little Havana with its authentic cigar shops and Cuban restaurants is adjacent to downtown, while the city itself offers a lot of entertainment and simply interesting places to see.

If you are planning to travel to the heart of Florida for the first time, you probably would like to receive some tips to make your future trip as efficient and easy as possible. Well, here they are!

1: When and why to go there?

It’s better to go to Miami in spring or late autumn when the sun is not so aggressive anymore. Although the season formally ends in late October, in winter the average air and water temperatures are kept at around 24-25°C, so swimming and sunbathing are quite comfortable.

A good reason to spend a week or two in Miami is the local nature. By the riot of its colors, the American resort can compete with Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean. There are more than 400 species of palm trees on the streets of the city, as well as royal decolonizes, which will instantly become the stars of your Instagram account. Here, even the stone jungle of downtown with its own special tropical mood: numerous palm trees flaunt on the roofs of skyscrapers.

When and why to go there in Miami

2: How to travel in the area?

Miami is a city where public transportation is not the best way to travel. That’s because it covers only a small part of all unique and beautiful places, while the most charming sights remain in the range of inaccessibility.

What to do? It’s simple: rent a car under 25 USA and travel wherever you want. You can plan your route as you like, changing it and adding new points on your own. If you don’t know where to book a car, a Dollar car rental under 25 will satisfy all your needs. The average car price is $30-35 per day, plus the service is available to young drivers. Remember that the earlier you book, the lower the price.

Of course, a car will help you get the most out of your trip to Miami. You can use Under 25 Car Rental services if you need a luxury car service.

How to travel in Miami

3: Where to stay in Miami?

When deciding where to stay, first of all, explore Miami Beach – the barrier island between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay, behind which mainland Miami is located. The first thing that catches your eye when leaving Miami Beach is the downtown panorama, the outlines of which are not inferior to New York and Chicago. Views of the business center of the city are regularly included in the ratings of the most impressive landscapes in the world.


There are 3 parts of Miami Beach: South Beach, Mid-Beach, and North Beach. The South Beach includes Ocean Drive, Art Deco, and the southern streets of Collins Avenue. This is the center of nightlife, where every night revolves around Mango’s, Clevelander, and Wet Willy’s. Among the shortcomings of the southern part is the historically dirtier ocean due to the algae.


The Mid-Beach stretches from 41 Collins Avenue for 13 km. Here’s the largest number of luxury hotels, the most famous of which is Fontainebleau Miami Beach, beloved by many travelers. In contrast, the North Beach is clean from the point of view of beaches and water, but there’s not so much fun, and of the main attractions is only the respectable Bal Harbor Mall, where in June and before Christmas the biggest discounts on designer items are available.


In case you want to stay in Little Havana, you need to know a few things. Firstly, all the fun happens on the last Friday of every month on Calle Ocho – the district’s main street, which is filled with unrestrained Cuban fun and dancing in the evening. Secondly, it’s impossible to explore Little Havana without visiting the most famous and largest Cuban restaurant Versailles. Despite the fact that it has 350 seats, the restaurant is almost always crowded, so the best time to visit it is Sunday afternoon when most Cubans have lunch at home.


Coconut Grove and Coral Gables are the most comfortable and a bit conservative districts to stay in Miami. They are easily distinguished by terracotta villas, numerous wedding boutiques, and restaurants with starched tablecloths. Be sure to take a dip in the local Venetian pool built-in 1923, carved directly into the coral rock and filled with three million liters of water from underground sources.

Hotels in Miami


4: What to see?

If you are open to everything new and don’t neglect different types of relaxation, you can have a good mix from Miami: take photos with the descendant of the famous Flipper dolphin and explore the local marine life at the Oceanarium.

The oceanarium, or rather the Miami Seaquarium, was the location of the filming of the Flipper series in the 60s. Since then, each performance of dolphins or killer whales has been a kind of film, where the “bad guys” are invariably played by impudent birds stealing fish from their trainers, which amuses the audience no less than dancing dolphins.

Here you can take a picture with any “artist”, and after water, shows go to the area with tropical parrots, alligators, and other local animals.

Places to visit in Miami

5: Where to eat?

First of all, Miami is full of seafood, so it’s logical to start your culinary trip with the Casablanca Fish Market – the most famous fish market in the city located a 20-minute walk from the yacht port on Bay Side.

Here you can dine right on the boat moored on the Miami River. On Wednesdays, restaurants have happy hours when oysters are sold at half price.

Another legendary place on the Miami restaurant scene is Joe’s, which serves stone crab claws. However, you won’t have to be tormented, because the crab’s carapace is already preliminarily broken.

If a stormy imagination provokes in your thoughts scenes of fanaticism over poor crabs, and as a result, a sense of guilt, know that in the place of the crab claws torn away, new ones appear after some time.