Meet Archive Technologies – A Professional Records Management Company in Islamabad, Pakistan

Wondering how to automate your business workflow, speed up business operations, and foster a culture of mutual collaboration among different units and employees within your company. Archive Technologies— a leading professional records management company based in Islamabad has pioneered the concept of records archiving in Pakistan and started providing nationwide services to firms of all sizes and statures.

Why Choose Archive Technologies

Business activities and document management go hand in hand. Every well-run organization heavily relies on the smooth and steady flow of documents and information within company premises. However, in this age of technology, innovations, and globalization, businesses can go paperless, but not certainly records-less. Therefore, records are considered as an important asset that needs to be properly managed, retained, and organized.

Over the past few years, Archive Technologies has managed to master the art of effective records archiving management practices. Furthermore, the company has adopted innovative tools that transform your records into digitized/electronic visions. Electronically archived documents enable lifetime safety, ensure fast retrieval of the needed file, and easily sharable among co-workers, clients, and customers. Archive Technologies carries out its workflow by:

  1. Collecting the records
  2. Organizing and classifying the documents
  3. Eliminating duplicated files
  4. Scanning and digitizing the Records
  5. Determining archiving timeline i.e. lifetime or specific time period
  6. On-demand data retrieval
  7. Dumping/ destruction of records

There are many lucrative advantages for local businesses to attain the services of Archive Technologies and improve business- growth to a new level.

Automate Your Workflow 

Archive Technologies allows organizations to equip with automotive practices in records management that simplifies daily working tasks. It all begins by just shipping away your company legacy documents to the Archive Technologies storage warehouse and let its seasoned professionals take care of it. And it doesn’t just end there. Whenever a firm needs to call back a file, the archiving team immediately retrieves and delivers it within a short span of time either in hard or soft format.

Optimize Your Businesses Process

As a business owner, line manager, or human resource manager, you don’t need to go through the hassle of searching for a document that may consume a lot of time. Archive Technologies brings it all to your computer or smartphone. You can get your hands on any file within a fraction of seconds that is digitized and stored over an electronic archiving platform.

Many businesses and individuals use Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud file storing services for their data and records storage. A document that is stored electronically can be accessed and modified by single or multiple users simultaneously, which resultantly optimize a firm’s business activities and profitability.

Safeguard Your Records 

As you allow your company’s records to be managed by a third-party services provider, security and safety have to be a prime factor to consider. Archive Technologies is operating in compliance with international and local industry standards of records archiving and guarantees the utmost safety of your data. Documents are initially sorted out, classified, boxed, and tagged with electronically readable barcodes. Additionally, such archiving agencies are equipped with all tools such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and security cameras that make sure no damage comes to the records.

Final Words

Nobody can deny the significance of data/records within organizations. Therefore, companies with excessive papers based operations consider records archiving as an important aspect of their businesses. Archive Technologies- a well-managed records management services provider in Islamabad allows companies to move their inactive data and preserve it for a lifetime.

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