Matched Bonus in Slots Explained

There are a huge variety of bonuses that players can enjoy through slot gaming, there is everything from no deposit bonuses to free spins bonuses – learn more. The matched bonus is something that players may not be entirely familiar with, it is a type of bonus that may confuse newer players. Below is everything you need to know about the matched bonus in slots.

What is the Matched Bonus 

The matched bonus is a type of slot bonus that is offered by casino sites, typically to entice newer players to join their site. While it may seem complicated at first, it is actually an incredibly simple bonus to understand. If a casino is offering you a matched bonus, they are essentially offering to match the amount of money that you deposit into your account. For example, if you deposit twenty pounds, the casino site will match this amount and deposit twenty pounds as well, bringing your overall account balance to forty pounds. Though be aware of how much they are promising to match your deposit as sometimes casinos only match partially. Other casino sites have a threshold by the amount they can match your deposit, if exceed this amount they will only be able to match some of it. 

Factors to Consider 

While a matched bonus may sound enticing, there are several things that players should consider before they sign up to accept it. Players should always check the terms and conditions of this offer, sometimes casino sites may try to be sneaky by offering this bonus with a large wagering requirement which means that most players won’t be able to withdraw their winnings before the end of the time limit. Always make sure to look over any terms and conditions at least twice, the best-matched bonus offers will give players a mix of low wagering limits, a wide selection of slots to choose from, and a good bonus amount. 


There are several different types of matched bonuses for players to choose from. Most will offer either a fifty or one hundred percent match but some have been known to generously offer two hundred percent matches! 

Multiple Deposit Bonus 

This is an incredibly popular version of the matched bonus, it means that the casino will continue to match your deposit multiple times. Usually three or four times, this is an extremely generous bonus. 

Deposit Method Bonus 

This matched bonus can only be triggered when players deposit through a certain payment method, usually, this payment method is the casino’s preference. Not usually a large amount, usually around five percent. 

VIP Bonus 

This matched bonus is for players who prefer higher stakes, it can only be triggered when players deposit a large amount. Typically, players will have to deposit over one thousand pounds for this bonus which matches around fifty percent of that. 

Final Thoughts 

The matched bonus is an extremely generous bonus when used correctly by players. With so many different variations, it is understandable why some may get confused regarding the bonus.

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